Blue jeans, perhaps, are the most popular pants. Their popularity was received due to big universality and cool style. High universality means that this type of jeans can be worn almost everyday and it is well suited with any types of top wear. It could be just a white t-shirt and hoodie or a shirt with blazer. Here, I’ve picked top 7 (excluding preview pic) outfits with blue jeans.

1. Blue Jeans with White T-shirt

Blue jeans with white t-shirt is the most classic combo. Lightweight cotton jacket is well suited here, too.


2. Blue Jeans with Sweater Outfit

White shirt + blue sweater is a nice combo which gives us cool semi-smart style.


3. White Henley with Jeans

For those, who are tired of simple white t-shirts, there is a variant with the white long sleeved henley.


4. Denim Jacket Outfit

Nice fresh looking denim variant here.


5. Monochrome outfit with shirt

Nice example how to wear shirt with blue jeans. The biggest issue is to pick the right size of shirt. It shouldn’t be too baggy, and shouldn’t fit like a diving suit.


 6. Semi-smart look with Blue Jeans and Black Blazer

Additional attention is deserved by 3/4 sleeved blazer and t-shirt. Not every blazer will look as good as this one.


7. Smart Style With Blazer

For those, who do not know how to wear your favorite jeans at work, take this outfit on a note.



Simple blue jeans is a great example of how a simple item can be well suited with different styles and looks. You can wear your favorite jeans almost everyday, you only need to pick the right items to wear with. Hope, you’ve got some fresh ideas and have new notes of how to improve your style with simple blue jeans.

Written by Renato Varran