Dress shirt is an item that every producer sell. However, it is a difficult tusk to buy one, cause there is a lot of different brands and you don’t know which one is good on producing quality dress shirts.

This list of best mens dress shirt brands presents top producers from cheap to expensive models.

Cheap Mens Dress Shirt Brands (under 30$)

Cheap dress shirts doesn’t mean that they are of a bad quality. Honestly, there is no big difference between cheap and moderate price shirts, if we are talking about quality. The good margin is payed for the brand, so if you don’t worry about the brand, purchasing budget dress shirts for wearing at office is a good choice.



Most widespread brand in cheap section. Also has models for 45$, but most part of shirts is under 30$.


Also a big producer that sells many different dress shirts.


Quite a small producer. Has some different pretty looking dress shirts in different colors.


Brand that has a very big line of forward point collar dress shirts. Perfectly suited to wear with tie in office.


Brand with a high amount of spread collar dress shirts. Can be worn with or without a tie in office.


Interesting brand with good slim fit dress shirts in different colors and patterns. Not a big line of clothes.

Geofrey Beene

Very big set of dress shirts of different styles (e.g. collar styles). Prices may vary from 10$ to 50$


Variative line of striped, plaided and dotted dress shirts.

Tom’s Ware

Good line of rolled up sleeve dress shirts.


Producer of loose dress shirts. Good for elder generation.

Moderate Mens Dress Shirt Brands (30-80$)

As it was told before, in that section we can meet more familiar names. In fact, if you don’t feel confident in style, but want to buy a good stylish dress shirt, then this section is for you. These dress shirts are not, too expensive, but of a decent quality. I think it is the best choice for beginners.


Ben Sherman

This brand has a few shirts under 30$ but most of them in the range 50-60$. It has a very wide range of different styles and designs.

Calvin Klein

Probably, most popular name in this list. Has a very good quality of all possible types and colors. Price range is 30-80$.


Good producer with good forward point collar and spread collar dress shirts.

Kenneth Cole REACTION

Good producer of slim fit shirts. Price niche is 30-50$.


Good producer of contemporary dress shirts in the range of 30-40$.

Paul Fredrick

Good producers. Pay attention on vertical striped dress shirts of them. Price niche is from 30 up to 80$. Cuff linked sleeves are also available.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Popular producer of polo shirt. Dress shirts with the well known logo are of a good quality, too. Prices are from 40 to 80$ per shirt.

Tommy Hilfiger

Another producer famous of polo shirts. Very similar production to a previous one.

U.S. Polo Assn.

The sane as previous two, but in a lower price niche. Prices vary from 30 to 45$.

Van Heusen

Brand for man over 40 years old. Shirts are of a regular fit and may be a little bit large for guys. Prices vary strongly: from 15$ to 150$.

Expensive Mens Dress Shirt Brands (80$+)

All shirts over 80$ are premium ones in my opinion. There you’ll meet some famous names and unknown producers of exclusive wear.


Armani Jeans

Popular producer with a nice line of dress shirt with different patterns.

Barba Napoli

Very big assortment of different shirts for about 140$.


Italian brand that has a line both dress and casual shirts. Price vary from 99 to 160$ per piece.

Billionaire Italian Couture

Has shirts with interesting patterns. One will cost you about 300$


Another popular producer in the lower premium section. Each shirt is in 90-130$ range.

David Donahue

Producer of exclusive mono colored dress shirts. Price for one is about 135$.

Dolce & Gabbana

Another popular name. Prices vary from 100$ up to sky.


Good producer of premium office shirts. Mono color and striped dress shirts are in favor.


None words needed to say about this brand. Good assortment of shirts in the range of 80 to 120$.

Ike Behar

Another producer of good dress shirt to wear in office.

Luigi Borrelli

May be this producer is not as well known as Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein. However, the amount of different dress shirt isĀ enormous. Shirts of every type, every design, every collar style, every pattern are available for about 200$ per one.


Another well known brand. But, in fact, their dress shirts differ from others for their interesting and contemporary collar styles. Price is about 90-130$.


Another famous producer. Good and solid looking shirts are available for 99$.


Choosing a dress shirt is not an easy task. There are a lot of different brands with different prices. In that list I’ve took most known brands, which produce nice dress shirts for their price. The only thing that left to you is to choose the one from that list, hope I’ve helped you a little bit.


Written by Renato Varran