Some people say that you should never wear a black suit with brown shoes because there is a rule “BLACK NEVER GOES WITH BROWN“. However, they are wrong cause every rule has it’s exceptions and combining brown shoes and black suit together is one of that.

So, I’ve gathered some cool outfits on the web to show you some good examples and to put your attention on some details.

Classic Black Suit Brown Shoes Outfit


Classic outfit contains classic black suit (without stripes and anything else), brown shoes and black tie. Such look is very good to go work if you are a solid manager or a trader. Brown shoes make your style less ceremonial and more businesslike man than black ones.

Moreover, brown shoes make you look more elegant and authoritative, cause they show that the man who wears it knows fashion and have not only one pair of shoes.

By the way, if you want to attend theater or have a dinner at the restaurant or another place that requires black tie dress code, do not put on brown shoes, cause such kind of events are very strict to what you wear and black tie dress code requires black shoes only.

 Without Tie Outfit


A tie is not an obligatory accessory to black suit brown shoes combo. But, if you decide to put it down, your whole style will shift fro business or smart casual to dressy casual. I mean look without a tie is not purposed to go at the office at all. It is good when you have lunch with you business partners during the day time because such outfit is less formal.

Another detail which I would like to discuss here is that how amazing the guy on the photo above, matched shoes with the belt. Perfect!

However, if you put on shoes of a lighter brown color it is better to put down a belt, cause light brown belt will be too noticeable and wouldn’t look that great.

Take it as a rule accessories should be of the same color as shoes.

Bow Tie Outfit


Actually, I’m not a big fan of a bow tie black suit brown shoes outfit, cause typically bow tie is an element of black tie dress code. However, brown shoes may be a good option if you are at the wedding (but not a bridegroom), but I do not know any other events where you can put on brown shoes with the bow tie and black suit.

Business Trip Outfit


For the case, if you have a business trip black suit brown shoes and accessories are the best outfits that you can find. In fact, the whole outfit seems complete with an accessory like a bag than without anything. Just pick up bag that will match your shoes.


As you see it is not a big science to wear black suit and brown shoes. Just follow the rules:

  1. Don’t wear brown shoes on black tie party.
  2. Match accessories such as bags and belts with shoes.
  3. Don’t put on the light brown belt with the black suit.
Written by Renato Varran