Wearing shoes with socks or without is a palpitating question of all men. From the one side, you will definitely wipe your feet in corns if you will not put on socks, from the other socks make your look sucks.

For those who are lazy to read the short answer is: yes, you should wear boat shoes with socks. 

Here is why:

 1. Wearing Shoes without socks will cause calluses on your feet.

It is already pretty much said. Calluses not only painfully hurt you, but also it is a very dangerous sore. Such kind of sores has a high risk of infections, cause that wound stays long and faces bad environment closely.

And wear socks is the best way to prevent them.

2. Wearing boat without socks spoils shoes.

That claim si also clear. Skin that contacts the inner side of shoes does not breath and that immediately triggers a sweating reaction. And the sweat makes your shoes wet, which inflicts irreparable damage.

Moreover, it not only hurts your shoes but also causes a bad smell. So, again socks are must have in that case, no matter what kind of shoes it is.

Note: the best way to prevent bad smell is to put on socks with silver participants. They reduce negative flavor.

3. Socks will not affect your look if they have chosen right.

By “right” I mean that they should be barely visible or even hidden. For boat shoes, there is a special type that looks something like this:

short-scoks-for-boat-shoesShort socks for boat shoes

As you can see, these socks strictly repeat the shape of the boat shoe.

And for the conclusion take a look on the boat shoe outfits (with or without socks is never known though, but I guess “with”).




Written by Renato Varran