Camouflage shorts is on of the favorite shorts of cool guys. But not everyone knows how to wear them properly. Most of men just wear sneakers and t-shirt with camouflage shorts forgetting about other elements of wardrobe. And it is a big mistake, so here I will show best outfit ideas with camo shorts.

Slim Camouflage Shorts Outfit

Let’s begin with the classic outfit. T-shirt, sneakers, slim chinos olive camo shorts. It is the most common street style with that type of shirts, however, it is the proven one.


Basically, there is no difference of which t-shirt, sneakers and camo shorts you will wear. The only thing is that you should avoid too fancy and toxic colors, cause they are awful.

But in case if you want to change something try to wear polo t-shirt or a shirt + white t-shirt combo.

Polo T-shirt with Camo Shorts Outfit


This type of outfit looks way less aggressive and way more neat. Slip-on instead of sneakers and you are ready to attend some informal events, not only street walks as previously.

However, if you’ve selected shirt + t-shirt combo at the top, there is no chance to call that look “a little bit neat”.

Shirt + T-shirt Combo Outfit


These outfit is the most “street” that could ever be. I don’t mean that you should wear it only at the street, initially you can wear it where ever you want. When I am talking about “street style”, I mean it is related to street dress code and all.

Note: Take a look at the photo above. This denim shirt is correlated with converse sneakers by color. That’s why blue color looks good with this outfit. In other way, don’t wear blue converse without a denim shirt.

However, you can match the color of your shoes with the color of your camouflage shorts directly.

Matching Shoes Color with Camouflage


As we discovered classic combinations, let’s now consider some creative outfits.

Creative Camouflage Shorts Color Outfit

In fact, I am not a supporter of “creative colors” in my wardrobe. But this one impressed me a lot.


First of all, let’s notice again that sneakers are matching by color with shorts.

And a small peace of look, like shoelace, is very distinctive here. The color is very bright, so it made shoelace an actual accessory, like watches. Overall, toxic color is not a bad move here.

Camouflage Shorts with Jacket

Another very creative way to wear shorts is to use them with jacket.


I don’t know, whether this guy is joking, but I guess he does not.

There are 2 colors mainly: camo green and white. In fact, that combo of colors will look great, no matter you are wearing jacket or a t-shirt.

So, there is an another proof of that you should pick the right colors and every crazy idea would be OK.

Extravagant Flower Camouflage Shorts Outfit

For those who are looking for and extremely extravagant look with camo shorts, this one will be a gold mine.


  • Extravagant Shorts with flower camo (what?)
  • Neat casual fashion hoodie
  • Knitted hat
  • Striped t-shirt
  • Very questionable sneakers

Someone will say that his outfit is a drivel, other will notice that his sneakers are well suited with t-shirt.

Anyway, the last word lasts to you, what camouflage shorts to choose and what outfit to compose.

Written by Renato Varran