Among all precious metals gold and silver were always far ahead alternatives when we are talking about watches as an accessory. Indeed, there is no other metal known by me that can be worn as an accessory. However, there is no a clear leader between gold and silver, so the question what is better for men is very reasonable here.

Personally for me, silver was always the sign of success. The man, who wore silver watches, for me is the man who reached high in his life and, with the time, don’t want to splash money out, cause his money took a lot of work to gain.

And people, who wore gold watches, were were always those, who wanted to show their great wealth. They wanted to show, they are reach and they can buy extremely expensive items. Cause to be honest gold is far more expensive then silver.

But this only my point of you and here I’ll show you how to wear gold and silver jewelry. And then you will decide wich metal is for you.

Gold vs Silver Watches

Normally watches are not a jewelry. However, when we are talking about gold or silver, watches come to mind in the first queue.

Golden Watches


There are 2 main types of golden watches: they are chain-metal and leather (wrist strap). As for me, golden wrist wrap looks too fancy and is a real evidence of what being said about golden watches.

But if you wear watches with leather (brown or black), you will look like a wealthy gentleman, who knows how to wear gold items and cares about on what he is spending his money.

But what means “knows how to wear gold”?

In fact’ it is not a difficult tusk and there are some simple rules about that.

First, since black and brown colors doesn’t stack together, brown leather wrist strap is not suited good with suits. So, if you want to wear gold watches with black, dark navy blue or grey suit, then use black leather.

And from that point of view, it could be said that gold watches with black leather wrist are more formal variant.

And yes, it is, so let’s call it a “business style”. To prove my words I am placing the photo right below.

Gold Watches with Black Leather Wrist


But suit is not the only type of clothing that could be worn with such watches. Basically you can wear them with every clothes, just take care of colors, for example: black denim, black  dress shirt e.t.c.

As for black leather is clear, but how to wear brown leather gold watches?

The answer on that question is clear, too.

To wear brown gold watches you should wear a lighter color top. For example, white blazer, not crystal white, but with a very small ton of grey (like on the photo below).

Gold Watches with Brown Leather Wrist


This type of style is called neat casual, because white blazer is not a part of a business dress code.

Another important note here, is that you can match the color of you shoes (probably oxfords), leather belt, and watches belt. That is how your accessories will work together.

Silver Watches


As for silver watches there are no such rules, cause they are suited with pretty much everything and no matter chain metal or leather wrist strap is used. And it is a very good advantage of silver in gold vs silver battle.

However, it doesn’t mean that silver is looking in indifferently on those items. In fact, there is one look in what silver is better in every situation.

This style is called black tie dress code.

Silver Watches and Black Tie

man in suit wearing a watch

 Wearing black suit with tie and white shirt is perfectly suited with silver watches. Silver is a metal that reflects white tons of color, so it is best here.

Moreover, silver, as a metal, is better suited than gold for business purposes, for the reasons mentioned in the beginning of article. I think businessman should look in that way, to be solid and authoritative.


Gold vs silver watches is a very long clash. However, what to wear is a personal question, cause everyone’s sense is subjective. However, in fact, no matter what everyone says, there are solid styles on the both sides. You just need to know how to use them.

Written by Renato Varran