Grey is the third popular suit color after black and navy blue. However, it is the first one to match with brown shoes. If you are looking for a business outfit that wouldn’t look like a black tie attire then grey with brown is for that case. Indeed, brown shoes look solid and show that the owner knows something about fashion and do not wear only black shoes and black suit.

Actually, there is no chance to miss with the grey pants brown shoes outfit. Every shade of grey suits with the every shade of brown. I mean you may wear dark grey + dark brown and light grey + light brown or vice verse.

Moreover, there are a lot of places where you can attend in the grey suit and brown shoes.

Business Outfit

As it was said previously, such combo is perfectly suited for business attire. It doesn’t look boring as the black suit and gives you the solid style of a successful man.


It is a classic business attire for a CEO or a top management. It is not a hard task to match grey suit with brown shoes, but there are some tips to avoid typical mistakes.

Additional tips:

1. The dress shirt should be of the white color.

Yes, it is a mandatory rule to put on a white dress shirt, but it also could be a white shirt with black dots or thin black stripes. Why?

Because not much colors go with the grey suit and the fact that you wear brown shoes with it narrows it down to a white color only.

2. Accessories should be of a brown color.

This point should be clear, without additional explanation. If you wear brown shoes other items like belts, wrist belt of watches, bags or portfolio should be of a brown color. Leather accessories are in favor. Moreover, if you wear jewelry then you should mind yourself to put on gold rather than silver. Check out ‘why?‘ in gold vs silver watches article.


3. The tie should be of a grey color.

Your look shouldn’t contain more than 3 different colors, so if you wear brown shoes, grey suit and white dress shirt, there is no space for a tie of a different color. So, that’s why it should be of a grey color or a black in the worst case. It doesn’t mean that it should be exactly matched with suit color, other variations are also acceptable, even with stripes or with a square pattern.


Dressy Outfits

As every suit, the grey-brown combo is also a very good outfit to take ceremonials and other celebrational events. As black tie outfit might be boring and better suited for evening events, any other suit is good for daytime events. Here are some examples below:



But how to differ business attire from dressy one? As with the fits one, it is clear: the vest makes the whole outfit less formal and more celebrational (I guess no one puts on a vest on a usual working day).

As for the second, you may notice bright full red accessories and red socks. The red color is one of the most informal colors ever, cause it excites the nerve system and it is impossible to work efficiently in such state.

So, as you can see there are lots of ways in wich a grey suit with brown shoes can be a dressy outfit. To simplify things, just add informal colors or elements and you will achieve a dressy outfit.

Grey Suit Brown Shoes Wedding Outfit

Moreover, if you pick up the right accessories you may achieve even a wedding attire. It will look something like that:


This is a good option if you are not mad about wedding traditions. Grey suit goes well with bride’s dress and does not look like you are a random visitor who confused an event.

Dressy Casual Grey Suit Attire

Grey suit and brown shoes are also a good outfit for unofficial weekend meetings. A dressy casual style is good when you want to attend unofficial weekend meetings or want to meet old friends. So, you don’t want to wear simple jeans, but don’t want to dress up like you are going to have a date.dressy-casual-grey-suit-attire

To achieve dressy casual, just pick less official brown shoes and put off a tie.


So, there is not much left to say as matching brown shoes with grey suit is not a big deal. You can’t go wrong with it.

Written by Renato Varran