Casual dress code is very popular and quite messy style. Many men experience problems with defining different casual dress codes, cause there are a lot of them, beginning with everyday and finishing with business casual.

So, today I’ll tell you about one of the most doubting and with the time most versatile dress code, namely neat casual.

First, according to my guide of most common dress codes for men, neat casual is the style you dress up in a way to spend holidays with parents and relatives. Also that clothes are well suited for a weekend meeting with friends during daytime.

To be more clear let me provide you with one classic example:

Classic Neat Casual Dress Code


  • Top: Casual knitted sweater
  • Bottom: Casual chinos pants
  • Shoes: Fashion loafers, slip-ons, you can wear also chukka or chelsea boots in a colder weather.

Informal knitted sweater is a typical feature of neat casual style. However, it shouldn’t be sweater of that type. You may wear fashion cardigan with dress shirt, but make sure that you are not dressed in smart style.

Fashion Cardigan with Dress Shirt


  • Top: Fashion knitted cardigan sweater with deers
  • Bottom: Casual chinos pants
  • Shoes: Fashion loafers

Such type of wear is neat casual, too, despite the fact that blue dress shirt is a sign of smart style. However, with such type of clothes it looks organically and well suited with the whole outfit idea.

Although knitted sweater is one of the main features of the neat casual style, it is not mandatory to put on it in every situation to be honest. When it is a warm summer, sweater is not an item that everyone wants to wear.

For that case you may wear casual blazer or just a polo t-shirt with casual chinos pants. Here are examples below.

Neat Casual Style with Blazer


Note: jeans shouldn’t be ripped in that kind of look.

  • Top: casual blazer, henley t-shirt
  • Bottom: jeans
  • Shoes: fashion sneakers

Despite the fact that fashion sneakers and jeans is a street style, if you will dress up in such way no one will say that it is street style, cause it look very neat. With the time it doesn’t look to dressy to call it dressy casual, because there is a t-shirt + jeans combo.

Neat Casual with Polo Shirt


  • Top: white polo t-shirt
  • Bottom: flat front shorts
  • Shoes: slip-ons

I forgot to mention that another item that directly associates with neat casual is polo t-shirt. You can wear it with shorts or with jeans. Casual blazer is well suite here, too.

If you still don’t confident in what style you are dressed up, especially is it neat casual, think about where do you want to go in that clothes.

If you are going to work at office then it is a smart style, if you want to spend weekend afternoon than it is a neat casual style. Such approach is much easier for beginners, because it is obvious that you wouldn’t put on short to go in office.

Moreover, if you go office it is a 90% probability that you’ll wear smart casual, cause it is intuitively clear how to wear in that kind of situations. For other 10% there will be a guide about smart casual dress code.

Hope, it is clear now what neat casual style is and main thing what and where to wear.

Written by Renato Varran