Rolled up pants became very popular nowadays, but how to wear them is not a simple question. Some people think that rolling up is only applied to jeans, but they are wrong. There are a plenty ways to wear different type of pants in different types of looks.

First of all, lets clarify that there are 2 main types of rolled up pants. They are rolled up by factory or tailor and rolled up by yourself. Both variants are good, but with the second one you still have an opportunity to roll them down or roll up in many different ways.

For the beginning I will discover some basic ways and then move to more creative and complicated ones.

Rolled up Pants by Factory

When I am talking about rolled up pants by factory, I mean they are or they look like rolling up was made by factory. Such pants has very smooth edge, which is very hard to achieve, if you will do it manually.

Rolled up Skinny Jeans Outfit

If you wear skinny jeans, then you know that no matter how skinny jeans can be, there is a free space left around around the ankle. So, someone found that it can be stretched, if he will roll up his pants. So the result is on the picture below.


Tapered Slim Jeans Outfit

After some time that fashion spread among other type of jeans. For example, simple slim jeans were not to slim, so, even tapering couldn’t solve that problem. Hopefully (or not), that problem was solved by rolling up. You can see it on the picture below.


Casual Outfit with Rolled up Jeans

Rolled up jeans are well suited not only with street style. In fact, it can be suited really with every look. For example, casual shirt in ton of jeans, brown belt will make it casual.


Note: Pay attention on the color of jeans and color of a rolled up part. You can see that they differ a lot. Jeans are deep blue, and bottom part is nearly white. Be careful with buying such type of jeans, because they are pretty hard suited with other items. 

In fact, the only reason that makes this look awesome is that sneakers are white and well matched with rolled up part. So, take a note that your shoes should match in color with something in your look.

Dressy Casual Outfit with Rolled up Pants

As I told, there are not only jeans that look great with rolling up. Another question is that it is quite hard to compose a good look with casual pants. The only way you can use it is only in dressy casual dress code.


Manually Rolled up Pants

When I say manually rolled up pants, they should look like it was made manually. Some negligence is accepted here.

Casual Outfit with Loafers

Loafers is that type of wear, that don’t look like it is a factory product. They always has a charm, which seem like it was made by cobbler. So, you can use that charm and roll up your pants manually, like on the photo below.


Artificial Negligence

It is my favorite one way to roll up pants, especially when I have bought new sneakers. When I put one new sneakers, I want to show them to the crowd (take me right)  and jeans cover them. The easiest way to uncover them is to artificially roll up them. From the photo below you can notice it and think it just a negligence, but there is no way it can be on the professional photo session.



As we can see, rolling up is not that difficult to suit with. Another question is how long will that fashion last? Hope, for a last couple of year, cause you know now, how to wear them right.

Written by Renato Varran