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Style is not only that fashion clothes, but also small pieces, which often left unheeded. I’ve composed a small list of top ways to improve your style in order to reveal unnoticed parts.

1.Go the web

Use online stores and achieve discounts on new collections. It will help to save a lot of money, because those boutiques usually overstate the price to much. But for the constant buyers they have discount coupons which provides up to 50% discount.

2.Learn to sew

It is a common situation when clothes became unusable without one button or with the ripped edge. But, a little of sew skill can fix such problem and save your money.

3.Buy good buttons

Button is a piece of shirt or jacket that always left unheeded. It is a very small piece of your look, but a few very good buttons on your jacket can make it seem expensive, and make your style solid. New sewing skills will help you.

4.Go to the gym

Your body is a core of your style. There is no suit in the world that can hide overweight. 3 hour in the gym every week is enough to lose some weight and to make your body fit. Moreover, besides a good body you will achieve energy boost. Remember, your healthy look is a key of your style.

5.Follow the schedule

Compose your own daily schedule to stay always clean and fresh. Every piece of your style is important and a small detail such as dirty nails or inaccurate haircut can make your efforts with your look futile. So, pay attention on every piece: beard, haircut, nails and all other things that necessarily should be neat and tidy. In fact, small things  are shaping perception of your image.

6.Pay attention on small pieces of your wear

As I mentioned, every small piece of your style should be noted. For example, you should have different variants of shoelace. The color of your shoelace should be combined with belt or jacket. A tiny detail, but has a charm.


Denim is a material of your jeans. It is a type of material that always in trend. Instead of throwing your favorite jeans – rethink, how it can be upgraded up to your style. Sewing skills, some patches or additional attritions can turn back old jeans in your wear arsenal.

8.Make old clothes new

If you have old t-shirts which gather dust over a year, then it’s time for experiments. For example, try to cut edges to get torn effect. If you fail it’s not a problem, because you now have some additional space for the new one in your wardrobe. And remember, handmade is always in trend.

9.Pay special attention to your shoes

Shoes is a part of wear that tells everything about it’s owner. If it neat, tidy and expensive, it will have an impact on your overall style. It’s better to have one good pair of shoes instead of many cheap.

10.Escape from the season wear

Try to pay attention on clothes, which you can wear every season: jeans, shirts, t-shirts, etc. Season wear usually costs much more, than semi-season wear. And with the time, it usually loses it’s relevance. The rule “less and better” perfectly fits to this tip.


Remember, style is much more complex concept, than fashion. Style is a mix of small pieces (not only clothes) which together compose the full image. As Yves Saint-Laurent said: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Written by Renato Varran