Buying a good dress shirt is not an easy task. Of course, you may go to the shop and listen, what consultant will tell you to sell a shirt, or may be prepared with basic knowledge, which will help you to choose a good dress shirt by yourself.

Here is 5 simple details to pay attention on while buying dress shirt.

Fit type

First and most important rule is that a dress shirt should fit you. It means that it shouldn’t be tight like a diving suit and shouldn’t be loose as shirts in 1980’s.

Most of the contemporary designs are slim or regular, but there are other variants, too.

However, there are some underwater rocks by choosing a fit type.

If you have an athletic or skinny body type (which usually young guys have), then you should choose only slim fit, cause regular fit will be too loose for you. Regular fit type was developed for a men who have some solidness capacity on their belt.

Of course, if you have some extra kgs, it is not critical for your figure, but slim fit dress shirts are not your choice.

So, be careful, judge your body type objectively and buy a proper fit shirt.


After you’ve chosen the right fit type of shirt, you should pick the right size, which is not a simple task.

Many guys overestimate their dimensions, trying to look bigger. However, it is not the place where it could work. The only thing you’ll get is a baggy dress shirt, which will look awful, and wasted money.

But how you can avoid that and choose the right size?

I have one simple rule for that case, which I follow by myself, too.

The main part of choosing right size of shirt is to select proper sleeve length. To do that, you should stand up straight and put your hands down. The cuff of the shirt should stick out wrist by 1-2 cm at maximum. See the photo below:


As you see, dress shirt a little bit sticks out from under the blazer, it is acceptable.

So, if you’ve picked the right fit type and size of shirt, then you may move to more interesting part of dress shirt selection, namely part of design selection.

Collar Style

As for fit type and size of shirt there are quite strict rules about the right shirt, but for decorative part there is a space for an imagination. There are a lot of dress shirt collar styles exist and here are the most popular:

  • Spread
  • Forward Point
  • Cutaway
  • With Buttons
  • Club
  • Tab

Just pick the one that you like most, but remember some of them more formal some of them more dress, some of them can be worn with tie some of them cannot.

So, follow some simple rules and pick that fit your needs best.

Cuff Links and Buttons


Another small piece of shirt is cuff links and buttons.

This part of shirt is so small, that not everyone will notice it. However, style is a sum of small pieces that compose a picture at a whole.

I am telling you about that, because men usually do not pay to much attention on small pieces in look, and that is an issue for someone, but for someone is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

If you dress up, change your buttoned shirt with the cuff linked and cuff studs. It is a small thing that will make your look completely different and outstanding.


Dress shirt pattern is an another thing that deserved more attention, than actually has.

First of all, you should note that pattern should suited with a whole outfit. If you want to wear dotted shirt, then you should avoid dots in other items such as tie and blazer or suit jacket.

Such thing applies to striped dress shirts also. Don’t mix striped shirt with striped suit and tie.

By the way, it is a very good rule not in choosing dress shirts, but overall: think about a whole outfit when choosing an item. You should know what exactly you will wear with it and don’t buy things that look good by themselves, but hardly suited with other items.


Choosing a good dress shirt that will fit you and will stack with other items is quite difficult process from the beginning. But when you will do it, you will like it, cause, honestly, it is an interesting process to choose a dress shirt.

Written by Renato Varran