Wearing a casual shirt instead of t-shirt is a sign of a solid and successful man, who has a sense of style. Indeed, to choose a right shirt, that fits your body and is suited with other wear, is a difficult and in a some kind expensive task. Here, I’ve picked up best looks with casual shirts for you.

1. Simple casual white shirt

Simple casual white shirt stands outside, when we are talking about casual shirts. If you still don’t have any casual shirt, then the first in the list to buy is a simple casual white shirt. It is better to have at least 2-3 different white shirts, because the amount of ways to wear it is enormous. For example, afternoon lunch, walk on a yacht or any event in the midday. In another words, every reasonable place. There are no limits on how you are able to wear this type of shirt: top button of, tucked into pants, with rolled up sleeves, whatever will come in your mind. See the photo below.

casual-white-shirtphoto credit: pinterest

2. Casual colored shirt

Casual colored shirt is the next “must have” casual shirt for men. Always wearing white shirt would be too boring sometimes, but you can completely renew your style by just changing the color of your shirt. Moreover, there are a lot of color combinations that look better, than white. But at the same time, do not overdo with the color of a shirt. Too bright and toxic colors are prohibited, try to choose soft colors, as on the picture below.

colored-shirtphoto credit: pinterest

3.  White shirt with thin stripes

When you complete your wear with mono color casual shirts, it’s time to try something new and fresh. The first idea that came to mind is a shirt with thin vertical stripes. Such type of shirt is quiet easy to pick. First, it should be a white shirt with dark stripes (grey in favor), second, shirt shouldn’t be too slim, otherwise the stripes would look poorly and, third, don’t wear black trousers or you will look like a referee. That’s, perhaps, enough, just check the look on the picture.

thin-stripes-casual-shirtphoto credit: pinterest

4. White Shirt with thick stripes

Another good example of casual shirt is a white shirt with thick vertical stripes. This type of shirt is quiet hard to pick, to make it suited well with other clothes. This is not the area of experimenting, so try to choose completed looks, like on the photo below. White casual pants, white shirt with blue thick stripes and blue loafers.


5. Short sleeved black casual shirt

Finally, I have to tell about short sleeved casual shirt. This type of shirt is easy to wear, cause they are almost the same as mono colored shirts. One thing that should be mentioned here, avoid shirts that a little bit large to you, because in this way sleeves would be too long, and it will be very visible. So, take the photo of a great example how to wear short sleeved casual shirt.

short-sleeved-casualphoto credit: pinterest


We’ve discovered 5 best looks of how to wear a casual shirt. Shirts are good and easy to wear, there is no special science needed. Choose which you liked most and, may be, upgrade your style tomorrow. Check looks of casual shirts in our lookbook.

Written by Renato Varran