Though straight jeans gave up leadership to slim and skinny jeans, they still sustain a high level of competition to other pants. Moreover, there are some new trends of wearing straight jeans with casual shirts that became popular in a past few years. So, in this article we’ll explore some cool fresh looks with straight jeans.

Looks with Straight Jeans

General rule for straight jeans is that type of wear is good for casual style. Loose style is not suited for office, because it creates the effect of slackness, what is no good for a maximal productivity at work. However, some CEOs wear in office whatever they wished. But if you are not CEO so far, do not wear straight jeans there, cause there are a lot of ways to use them in casual style.

Casual Style with Straight Jeans

As it was mentioned, casual style is best for straight jeans. T-shirt or T-shirt with loose casual shirt fits very well with this type of jeans. As for shoes there are a lot of variants, but it is better to combine these jeans with high and big shoes (bigger the better). High shoes will hide too loose area around the ankle.

  • Tip: you also can tuck jeans into high and big boots, what will emphasize your shoes.


Lumberjack style

Lumberjack style became very popular nowadays. Cool style of huge guy with awesome beard has it’s charm. Everybody could say anything, but brutal and manly style will be in trend of mens style forever. The best way to reach lumberjack look is to put on a casual plaid shirt with ted and black colors. For example, as on the photograph below. Common blue color would look great too, may be even better.


Semi-Smart Casual Style

For those who has more sophisticated sense of style, here is semi-smart casual style with straight jeans. Best way to add some smartness in your style is to put on jumper or fashion sweater. Make sure that sweater will be not too tight, because we want to make your top suited with loose jeans. And that may be all that you need to add a ton of smartness in your style. If you a not sure about exactly what to wear, just make a look as on the picture below, and your style will be solid.



We’ve explored 3 solid style with straight jeans if you are not sure about which one to choose, may be you are searching for a wrong type of jeans? Some tips of what type of jeans to choose you may find in the main article about jeans. If you will know some other cool looks send it via email or mention it in the comments.

Written by Renato Varran