Black pants and brown shoes is another outfit that always causes some doubts about good it or bad? In most cases black and brown together is the worst thing that you can ever find in style, but in some cases, it looks elegant, solid and stylish. So, here is the chart of good outfits of black pants with brown shoes.

Classic Black Suit Brown Shoes Outfit


The most classic combination of black pants and brown shoes is to wear a classic black suit. You should consider top every time you put on any shoes and pants. I mean all parts of your style should work together and when you put on any outfits you have two ways:

  1. Your top should match your pants (in the case on top)
  2. Your top should match your shoes (see examples next)

Obviously, when you put on a suit you are matching the top with pants, but in most other cases better choice to match the top with shoes.

Black Chinos Brown Shoes Smart Casual Outfits


Black pants brown shoe is also a good combination of a smart casual outfit. The outfit on the photo above is good to go university or another study occasions. It is not to official and dressy, which why it is good to wear it every day.

Note that the guy in the photo chose the second way: to match the top with shoes. Though the colours do not match perfectly,  the whole outfit looks great.

However, if you don’t have brown blazer (which probably is) you may find that almost every other blazer will look not bad, too. For example, grey:


Note: the belt is perfectly matched with the shoes on the photo above.

Another important thing is that if you wear brown shoes, dress shirt (or t-shirt in some cases next) should be of a light colour: light blue or white. Dark shirts are good if you put on black shoes, but with the brown, they don’t stack.

Neat Casual Outfits

Neat casual dress code is also good for brown shoes, cause they are not formal in most cases.


Thus the guy above do not wear blazer or jacket on top, his sweater is of a light colour (beige). In such case (without blazer) it is better to pick sweater of a light colour rather than brown or grey.

However, if you have pullover of white colour, you may combine it with white dress shirt, like on the photo below:


Black Jeans Brown Shoes Street Outfits

My favourite style is street style, cause there you have the largest amount of variations and styles. You also may put on jeans and stay quit formal nevertheless.

The whole idea is clear:

  1. Black jeans
  2. White t-shirt (or dress shirt)
  3. Brown shoes
  4. Brown coat, overcoat or jacket that matches shoes

This for points do not tie you up at all, just take a look at these photos below:brown-coat-black-jeans-brown-shoes


As you see there are lots of variations and any combination that follows those 4 points looks great.


Let’s gather some main points in one paragraph:

  1. The top should match shoes if it is not a suit.
  2. White (or any other light colour) dress shirt or t-shirt looks better than dark
  3. Brown shoes are less formal than black, so don’t put on them on evening occasions.
Written by Renato Varran