A blue or royal blue suit is a wonderful way to stand out the crowd at a black tie party. The reason of that is almost everybody wears black or navy suit and the one who put on a catchy blue one always draws people’s attention. However, blue suit black tie combo requires not only a blue suit with black tie. You should pick the proper accessories to look best. So here is the small guide of how to wear the it like a royal member.

Classic Royal Outfit

First, you need to define whether you go to a black tie party or not. If yes, some people will say you that black tie dress code requires black or navy suit with black tie, however, it’s not true. Royal blue is good, too, when you attend such kind of parties. Here is the pic.


Classic Blue Suit Black Tie Outfit Contain

  • Shirt: white evening dress shirt
  • Bow tie: black bow tie
  • Shoes: black dress shoes (black oxfords)
  • Watches: silver or gold (same relates to other accessories such as handcuffs)
  • Pocket: white pocket square

Black tie is the most strict dress code it terms of following rules. It doesn’t allow any deviations and supposed to be a conservative event. So, following the basics is a strict rule. However, if you want to experiment with a blue suit, then black tie party is not the only place to go.

Blue Suit and Wedding

A blue suit is also a good alternative to a black one on the wedding.


However, wedding has quite strict rules in terms of dressing, too, as it is one of the most celebrational events in someone’s life. The only option you have here, comparing with black tie, is to choose the color of a bow tie. It could be blue (in favor), white or black (not preferred one). However, other items better to keep as in black tie style.

 Blue Suit Day Time

Basically, you may wear blue suit wherever you want like a black suit. An outfit in the pic below is good to wear on a daytime celebrations.


Special attention should be paid on tie and pocket square. You may pick a black tie and black polka dot square as well as orange tie and white square. Just follow the rule of no more than 3 colors on you at the same time (black shoes don’t count as one).

Such style contains also black shoes also, as it has been said before. Brown shoes are not good when you want to dress up, so black is preferred here.

Dressy Smart Blue Suit Outfit

For those who want to wear brown shoes, there is a special dress code for that case. It’s called smart dressy and considered as semi-work semi-dress outfit for business meetings. Let me explain, this outfit is good when you are a CEO and have lunch on a business day with a partner.


As you can see, the color of such suit is blue but not flashy as previous ones due to the material it has been made. And that thing is crucial because that type of material is perfectly suited with brown and orange colors. So, brown shoes are absolutely the best choice to put in with this blue suit.


Wearing blue suit is quite the same as a black suit in terms of dress code. However, it brings a completely new look and is very good to diversify somehow boring black tie dress code with a new blue suit black tie outfit.

Written by Renato Varran