Wearing a blue suit with brown shoes is one of the most popular trends in formal men’s fashion, nowadays. There are several reasons for that. Black suit black shoes combo is classic but somewhat boring as it worn by everyone on every occasion. And the most reasonable alternative to it is to wear the blue suit and brown shoes.

As for black suit and black shoes, there is no question of how to match them, however matching brown shoes with the blue suit is not an easy task, as there are a lot of variations. And brown shoes require some experience to wear them.

So, here is the simple guide with examples of how to match brown and blue.

 1. Darker with Darker Lighter With Lighter

The first rule is simple. Navy blue suit goes better with dark brown shoes. Royal blue suit goes better with light brown shoes. Check the photos below.



The reason of it is that suit is a formal wear traditionally. Formal style should be simple and nothing in the style should attract special attention (big contrast in colors attracts attention. But this rule doesn’t apply to black shoes).

It is not critical if you slightly miss shades. Somewhat darker, somewhat lighter doesn’t play the role. However, try to avoid big differences as it would be too obvious and will look somewhat absurd.

So, the idea is clear: the shades of blue and brown should match with each other.

2. Accessories should match the shoe color.


Accessories such as belts and bags should match shoe color. Ideally, they should be of the one set and sold together. Thus, you will match not only color but a fabric they made also.

However, it is not a big tragedy if there will be some differences, it is still a great combo.


3. Black accessories are strictly forbidden

If you don’t have a brown bag then it is not a reason to get a black one. Believe me, brown shoes with black accessories is strictly forbidden because brown never goes with black!

And as for watches no one will notice it, the black bag is an item that you can’t hide, so the best choice is to put on black shoes and go with black bag or portfolio if you don’t have a brown one.

4. You do not need to wear belt

Suit belt like a bag is an accessory that is quite noticeable, cause most of the time suit jacket is button down and combining black belt with brown shoes is forbidden, too. However, what should I do if I don’t have the brown belt to wear with blue suit?

The best option that you have is to abandon it at all. Serious, no one will notice it and it won’t affect your look.


5. Wearing black shoes is still viable

As I told you, wearing a blue suit with black shoes is still a good option. For example, you don’t have brown bag and brown belt, but you have a good black belt and awesome black portfolio. So, I think there is no need to put on brown shoes with blue as with black shoes your look will be completed.

Written by Renato Varran