Button down shirts is a typical casual wear for men. However, casual is a too wide range definition. With what and wear to wear different button down shirts is not clear at all. There are lots of different casual styles and for each on there is a specific type of casual shirt. So, this guide will tell you in what style and how to wear casual shirt for men.

Everyday Casual

If you’ve decided to wear a button down shirt, it is a good choice to start with everyday casual style, cause there are no underwater rocks. So, basically, you are able to wear every shirt buttoned down.

Denim shirt looks very good in that way.

Button Down Denim Shirt


However, as it was said, you may wear different shirt in different styles. Moreover, you are not limited to wear it in that way, where 2 buttons are down.

You may button off them all combining with white t-shirt underwear, which will be as good.

Button off Denim Shirt


In fact, denim and light blue are not the only shirts. There are a wide range of different casual shirts. For example this plaid one.

Plaid Casual Shirt


Lumberjack style is in trend now. And if you wear all buttons up, then you are not a lumberjack. Artificial negligence, 3-4 buttons down, plaid shirt with jeans and your style is brutal and cool.

Casual Button Down Linen Shirt


As we’ve talked about different shirts types, then I have to tell you about linen shirts which are absolutely casual type of wear due to it’s shape and design. So, since it is informal, there is no other adequate way to wear it, except button down.

The last thing that lasts to you is to match up colors.

Neat Casual

Another mainstream of casual style is neat casual style. Simply, it is a style that a somewhat dressier than everyday casual, but not to dressy to attend celebrations.

This style is very good to wear button down shirts, cause, nevertheless, blazer and suit is not worn there.

Here I’ve took some cool looking outfits.

Navy Blue Shirt, White Chinos


It’s a typical neat casual wear. Simple chinos + dress shirt. Colors are matched up good, dark top and light bottom.

Striped Shirt, Casual Chinos


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This match up is nice also. But avoid those mistakes: monochrome white shirt + white pants is bad.

We have white shirt with stripes and black loafers here. So, there is a balance between colors, which is why this look is actually nice.

If you want to wear a monochrome white shirt, then you should compose it with dark bottom.

Monochrome White Shirt


As it was told, you have to find balance between light and dark colors. White pants are not good here.

Smart Casual

Smart casual is a one type of casual stream. However, wearing button down shirts is not the thing that is good here. Let me explain what I mean.

First, making a button down make your look relaxing, which shows that you came at office like for a walk and are not tune yourself to a work.

When you dressing up in smart style, you wish to show that you are a great worker and not a random guy.

Second, as consequence of the first, smart casual usually requires blazer and tie, what is incompatible with button down shirt.

But if you’ve decided though, dress in that style below.

Smart Outfit


Dressy Casual

Dressy casual is a good way to wear button down shirt, cause it is not formal style. Don’t confuse it with black tie.

Here some ideas for your outfits, but there are a lot of space for an imagination, so, I’ve picked two different of them.

Dressy Casual Outfit 1


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Dressy Casual Outfit 2


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If you wear a shirt in casual way, then it is better to button down a few. However, it is not suited for every style, but in most cases it will look better. There is no special science to wear it, just don’t make simple mistakes and your look would be great.

Written by Renato Varran