Dress shirt is the most common formal wear. No other item will suit better for men, rather than a business shirt with suit and tie. There are lots of different dress shirt styles and no lesser amount of different ties and how to wear a dress shirt and tie together is a question here. So, this guide will give you some tips and outfit ideas of wearing office shirt with tie.

Main part of wearing a dress shirt with tie is to match the colors. Try to dance around 2-3 colors in your whole outfit, more will be no good.

There are a plenty ways to match the colors, pay attention on those elements of you look:

  • Dress shirt pattern, design, color
  • Tie pattern and color
  • Suit (or blazer) pattern and color
  • Handkerchief on the left side of chest
  • Scarf pattern and color
  • Watches wrist stretch
  • Dress shirt cuff links

All these items should fit in your 3 color style. The way you will match thing with each other doesn’t matter much, so here are some basic combos:

Dress shirt + handkerchief / tie and suit


Well, it is the most common type of matching colors. Suit matches tie and dress shirt is in contrast color to tie. Excellent matching of items with 2 colors. Also, pay attention on the color of the stripes. They are blue and perfectly suit with the dress shirt color.

It also could be monochrome tie, but if you decide to put on tie with pattern, make sure that minor color will be the one that you wish to match.

Matching dress shirt and tie


Another popular style is to match dress shirt and tie directly. As you can see there are blue and red colors matched.

To be honest there are more than 3 colors here, and as it was mentioned it is no good. However, 3 out of 4 colors here are minor, so it could be an exception like every rule has.

Matching in different tons of same color


As it was just said there could be more than 3 colors in style, but you should choose them right. For example, on the picture above, there are black, white and 2 shades of grey. The main feature of that  is, in fact, there are 2 colors: black and white and grey is the result of mixing black and white in different proportions.

So, it could be said here that there are 2 major colors in outfit.

Matching all items togethermatching-colors-all-togehter

Again, as the first instance, tie matches both suit and dress shirt. The reason I’ve took this one to my list is to show you that you can pick literally every color, even a pink, if you follow the rule of 3 colors.

So, every “risky” idea will work out in that way.

All are the same and different tiematching-colors-with-accessory

And for the last example, but not the least, I’ve picked one of my favorite styles. The idea of such kind of looks is simple: dress up in one color and pick tie + handkerchief in contrasting color.

Like on the photo above, you can wear white dress shirt with white (or tons of white) suit, but put on also a tie in the opposite color – brown in our case.

Also there is another my favorite combo. Wearing black or navy blue dress shirt and pick a silver tie. These colors are awesome if you would like to contrast them.


Wearing a dress shirt with tie is not a difficult task, just follow this main rules:

  • Match up colors: dress shirt, tie, suit and handkerchief are main elements.
  • Follow the rule of 3 colors.
  • You may choose different tones of one color.
  • Put in contrast 2 major colors.

That is how it works. Hope this style tips will help you somewhat.

Written by Renato Varran