Man wearing skinny jeans is not a non-sense, nowadays. That fashion is very popular nowadays, but how to wear skinny jeans with shirt not every man knows, cause from the first sight it is not a difficult task: any jeans + any shirt and your look is complete. However, it is not the right approach. Here I’ll tell you best outfit ideas to wear shirt with skinny jeans.

How Jeans should Fit You

The first, and most common mistake is that guys do not choose the right jeans. Skinny doesn’t means that they should stretch you like tights. It means that they should fit you perfectly without extra space, cause your legs should look like it legs of a men, but not of a woman.

Example of how it shouldn’t look like


There is no any fold on the¬†thighs and drumsticks and a few slightly visible at the knees area. This type of pants is actually don’t look like jeans, they look like thick tights.

How skinny jeans should fit you


I think this variant is much better, cause it is clear from the picture that they are jeans and not tights, in fact.

What Shirt to Wear with Skinny Jeans

First, if we are talking about skinny jeans the best choice that comes to my mind is to wear it with white fashion t-shirt. See the outfit below.

White t-shirt with blue skinny jeans outfit


Note: Actually these are not skinny, but slim tapered jeans. However, the difference is not as visible to cut it from the article.

Also black and grey jeans are well suited with white tee.

Black denim with White T-shirt


Note: again it is not skinny, but it is not a problem here. I just can’t find the proper pick.

In fact white t-shirt is well suited for every street style. If you feel that simple white t-shirt with jeans is not enough for your needs, you may add light blue casual or dress shirt, denim shirt is fine, too. You may wear it in the every way you like: bottom down or button off.

Here are these looks below.

Denim Shirt Skinny Jeans Outfit


Note: blue loafers are in ton of whole outfit, which is a nice idea.

Blue Shirt Skinny Jeans Outfit


Also a good outfit with blue dress shirt.

Fashion Denim Shirt Outfit


Fashion slim denim shirt looks good especially with skinny jeans.

Also shirt could be worn buttoned off.

Button off Shirt Outfit


Light blue is not the only way you can wear skinny jeans with. Also navy blue is nice too, but take a note that color of shoes should match with shirt.

Navy Blue Dress Shirt with Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans with shirt only is not the only way to wear it. You also may wear it with casual blazer in street style. Just keep in mind that blazer and t-shirt should suit with each other.

For example something like that.

Skinny Jeans with Shirt and Blazer



Wearing shirt with skinny jeans is a nice way to diversify your everyday style look and, may be, to add some dressy casual. It is quite easy to pair jeans with shirt also, but it doesn’t mean that you may wear any shirt with any jeans. So, I’ve decided to note some tips from the article shortly here:

  • Skinny jeans should fit you right. Don’t wear it like tights.
  • If you don’t know what to wear with skinny jeans, put of a white t-shirt.
  • Light blue and denim shirt looks good also. Can be worn together with white tee.
  • Try match the colors of shoes and shirt.
  • You can wear casual blazer with shirt. Just keep in mind that they should work together.

Follow these easy tips and you will never fail with your style.

Written by Renato Varran