Simple white t-shirt is a very common type of wear, but, overall, it has a great potential, if you wear a right white t-shirt with right clothes. It is a part of wardrobe, for which brand doesn’t matter, and the way you wear it shows, how good in style you are. So, in this article I’ll give you some tips of how to wear white t-shirts and provide with some fresh outfit ideas.

Simple style tips to wear white t-shirt

First, white t-shirt is not an item that is used to shine with the brand. So, do not look at brand and pay attention on the fabric it is made of (better to choose 100% cotton) and how it fits your body. So, we get close to the second tip.

Second, T-shirts, like jeans, have different shapes and fit different body types. They could be slim, loose e.t.c. So, choose the one that will fit you most.

And third, simple t-shirt is a street wear. If you want to achieve more neat casual style, you should look at polo t-shirts. White t-shirts are good to walk at the street, but not at the weekend meeting.

An that are probably most important tips to choose t-shirt. Also check out other general style tips for men.

Best ways to wear white t-shirt

If you have read or not  previous section, you can notice that there were not certain examples. So, in this section we will discover some fresh outfits and ways to wear white t-shirt with some notes and style tips.

Basic outfit with white t-shirt

The most simple way to wear white t-shirt is to wear it with blue jeans with sneakers. This outfit consist of white t-shirt, bleu slim tapered jeans, black sneakers.

*Note: There is a black star on the left side of the chest. Black sneakers are look better with that printing, if the shirt was clear white, then you should combine it with white sneakers. It is one of basic rules that shoe color should match something at the top. It might be belt, t-shirt or printing color.

white t-shirt blue jeans

Black denim outfit

Light blue jeans with white t-shirt is good in summer weather. But when it gets colder, warm light colors are not good. Instead of them, black denim with light distressed leather jacket are the better choice.

If you are going to wear in this way, white sneakers are the shoes that suits there best. Black (or grey) denim pants, grey leather jacket should be balanced with white color t-shirt and white sneakers. In other way, it will be too much black in your look. Other colors suits even worse, when you dressing up in black and white.

alpha's area

Denim shorts outfits

The most common summer outfit is perhaps t-shirt + denim shorts. Indeed, this look is very simple and stylish. All you need is a fashion simple t-shirt, denim shorts and white sneakers.

In such look white sneakers are the best shoes, because shoes should match something at the top. Denim shoes looks somewhat too fashion, but white ones are the best choice for an average guy.

denim shorts white t-shirt

Flat front shorts

Another type of white t-shirt + shorts combo is flat fronted shorts and tucked shirt. It is a kind of more casual street style and there you have an opportunity to play with the belt, shorts and shoes color.

Great combos are: shorts color = sneakers color (as on the picture), belt color = sneakers color.

The first variant is good when your shorts are in the range of light colors, such as apricot, beige, khaki e.t.c.

The second variant is used when you have brown, green or blue sneakers and the belt of the same color.


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White t-shirt is a street type of wear, so it is best suited with jeans, denim or flat front shorts and fashion sneakers. The only thing that lasts up to you is to match colors. I’ve told some basics in color matching, but every case is specific. So, if you feel comfortable in what you’ve put on, you can wear it with no doubt.

Written by Renato Varran