Khaki pants are a must-have element of a wardrobe of every student and gentlemen. It is the most common type of pants in the neat casual outfit. However, wearing black shoes with khaki pants raises many questions and doubts about the look. In this guide, I’ll consider some basic rules and best outfit ideas to wear khaki pants with black shoes.

Khaki Pants Colors

First, that everybody should know is that there are lots of different colors of khaki pants: from classic to charcoal. The list of colors that are most popular nowadays below.

Main Colors:

  • Original Khaki
  • Apricot (orange tone)
  • Iron or Stone (light gray)
  • Beige (color of cream)
  • Forest (dark green)
  • Vinous (dark red)
  • Navy
  • Charcoal (dark gray)

To be clear not all of the colors are neat casual. Lighter colors (original, apricot, iron, beige) are dressy casual and casual, forest and vinous are street style colors, navy and charcoal are smart.

Dressy Casual Khaki Pants Black Shoes Outfits

Original Khaki pants brilliantly suit with black shoes. Just follow basic rules:

  • The blazer should be of a dark color: black or navy blue are in favor.
  • The belt should be in the tone of shoes.
  • A dress shirt should be of a light color.

original-khaki-blazer-outfitNote: the color of khaki pants on the pick is stone.

Original khaki pants go with navy blazer well, too.
original-khakiNote: actually these shoes are dark brown, however, shoes of a black color would be good here as well.

Where to go with dressy casual:

  • Celebrations in the middle of the day.
  • Informal meetings
  • Weekend meetings

Semi-smart Casual Khaki Pants Outfit

khaki-without-blazer-outfitNote: This outfit would be good to go to the office if you replace suede shoes with black boots. Otherwise, rolled up pants and dark navy shoes is not an “outfit for a work”.

Neat Casual Khaki Pants Outfit

Neat casual is good to go to a library or university. The shirt might be tucked into pants and black shoes instead of sneakers are would be good, too.

Street Outfits with Khaki Pants Black Shoes Combo

For the street outfits great colors are light apricot, forest, vinous. Apricot color is in a great contrast with black, so the nice way to wear it is to put on something black on top. As an example, simple black tee as on the picture below. Black sweatshirt or hoodie would be nice, too.


As for the forest and vinous colors, which are not in contrast with black color, it is allowed to wear not clear black top. I mean it is acceptable to put on a white t-shirt and black coat as on the picture below. Not completely black shoes are acceptable here, too.

green-khaki-outfitPut on a white t-shirt is not the only way to dilute your look with white color. Some printings or accessories that contain white colors are good, too.


As the title says, such looks are great to wear on the street.


Wearing khaki pants black shoes outfit is not a difficult task, cause khaki pants are well suited for pretty much everything. The only thing you should know is that some colors are usually thought as dressy and casual, some as smart and some as street type of clothes.

Written by Renato Varran