Dress shirt is one of the most common things in every mens wardrobe. Indeed, good dress shirt can make your look expensive and solid. Another question is the color. Navy blue is the best for men, cause that color only suits for solid men. So, here is some cool outfit ideas with mens navy blue dress shirt and some tips of how to wear them properly.

There are a lot of ways to wear navy blue dress shirt for men, and let me begin with the most popular and most solid look.

Semi-smart Mens Navy Blue Dress Shirt Outfit


This type of look is very popular nowadays, and there are some reasons of that.

First, it is the best alternative to light top, dark bottom. Indeed, white and light blue dress shirts sometimes boring and navy blue dress shirts comes on mind first. In fact, there is no need to wear light bottom as on the photo above, and dark grey or black chinos pants or trousers would be nice, too.

Another fact, is that navy blue shirt rarely used with navy blue or black blazer. It is not a bad combo, but dark blazer requires dark bottom. So, there would be too much “dark” in that kind of look, what is no good for somebody.

However it is the fact that you can wear it with blazer.

Navy Blue Shirt with Jeans Outfit


Another great example of wearing mens navy blue dress shirt in casual street way is on the photo above. In fact, dark top and light bottom combo is perfectly suited for light blue jeans.

Special attention should be devoted to shoes. They are simple loafers, but their color is perfectly matched with the top. It seems to me that it is the crucial part of such look, so take a note that shoes should always match something by color.

Neat Casual Dress Shirt Outfit


Light blue jeans, probably, the best pants to wear with navy blue dress shirt.

However, jeans are always a street type of wear and if you are looking for casual style to attend some social events and parties, you should look at white slim chinos pants or white trousers.

Both variants are good, but the second variant looks better in my opinion due to frontal pleat. But is it a good idea to buy white pleated trousers to wear it only with navy dress shirt? If you can afford it, the it is. If not, simple white chinos would be great, too.

Dressy Casual Mens Navy Blue Shirt Outfit


Finally, as it was mentioned, navy shirt could be worn with blazer. Nevertheless, it is a dressy casual type of outfit and not a smart casual.

With that kind of look, you can attend not formal evening events like night parties, night birthday parties e.t.c.

But you can’t dress in such style for the daytime events, cause there is so much black and dark blue. In fact, if you want to attend daytime events, you should wear white chinos pants or white trousers like in previous outfit.


As we’ve seen, mens navy blue dress shirt is a nice part of wardrobe, if you want to diversify your appearance. This type of shirt can be worn at the street, at parties, for a walk besides the office. All in all, it is a good thought to purchase one if you still don’t have it.

Written by Renato Varran