Navy or dark blue suit with black tie is one of the most popular dressy style combinations and one of the best. Indeed wearing a black suit with black tie is quite boring and if you want to stand out the crowd the best choice is to put on a good navy suit with black tie. So, here are some ideas of how to wear a navy suit and how to pick up accessories that will stick with it.

Classic Navy Suit Black Tie Outfits

First, let’s define what is a classic navy suit. On the picture below it is.


As you can see in the picture the color of the suit is very dark blue and almost black. Don’t confuse it with blue or royal blue wich is much lighter. It is crucial, cause accessories that are stick with navy blue are completely different to wich one are used in combination with royal blue. To be short, Navy blue black tie dress code contains black and silver accessories and other complements, while royal blue suits are good with brown and gold.

Most Classic Outfit Contain:

  • Dress shirt: white dress shirt.
  • Tie: black tie.
  • Boots: black dressy shoes.
  • Belt: black belt (the color should match shoes).
  • Pocket square: white or in tone with the dress shirt or matched with tie or none.
  • Watches: silver watches with silver or black leather wrist chain.
  • Glasses: black glasses are also acceptable
  • Other: if you wear more accessories then silver is the best color (tie clip e.t.c.). Gold is forbidden.

However, some derivations from the classic are also acceptable. For example, you may wear dark brown shoes. Check them below:

Dark Brown Shoes are Also Acceptable


Note: dark brown shoe is good when you match it with a navy blue suit, however, brown or light brown shoes will be awful. So, be careful when you put on brown shoes, you never know where the bottom line of color is.

Navy Suit Suits with Light Blue Dress Shirt


A dress shirt shouldn’t be crystal white unless you do not attend official evening ceremonials. Light blue is very acceptable in that case. For example, if you attend daytime events it’s better to choose light blue, cause white would be too dressy with a navy suit.

Bow Tie Can be Matched with Pocket Square


As you can see there is a black polka dot pocket square and it is well matched with the tie (if the tie was dotted it would be better). Such decision is good when you attending not too official ceremonials. It looks less dressy and more “worky”.

Navy Suit is Good with Bow Tie



Navy suit is also good for evening events and a bow tie with white dress shirt will make it only better.


A good navy suit will make you the king of the evening. Just pick appropriate accessories to a black tie party and your look will be awesome.

Written by Renato Varran