Style is not about fashion clothes, it is much more complex term. You wouldn’t be stylish, if you just wear fashion clothes. But when you have read these 100 style tips for men, your style will be drastically improved.

Main Style Tips

1. Wear clothes that fit you. The main rule is that an item should fit you, brand and price won’t matter if it fits perfectly. That’s why it is first here.

2. Be healthy. Do grooming, because healthy clean skin, white tees will make any outfit better.

3. Always check your style at the mirror.  You don’t need to be a style expert to understand fits that wear to you or not.

4. Do sports. Every item looks better on athletic fit body.

5. Find a tailor and use him often. Tailor can make your clothes fit perfectly, which is good according to previous tip.

6. Be sure that you are comfortable with your clothes.

7. Dress for yourself. Dress in the way you like, not your girlfriend.

General Style Tips

8. Buy better and less, instead of many and cheap. Good expensive item will suit with many other items and will last longer. So you will benefit in a long period multiple times.

9. Dress according to your body type. You you have some extra meat do not try to squeeze into extra fit jeans.

10. Buy items that can be worn for more than 1 reason. “High fashion” is nice but not practical.

11. Always think about how the item will be suited with other clothing you have. It is often seems that item is good by itself, but you couldn’t wear it because it doesn’t suit other items.

12. Don’t afraid to make mistakes. The only way to find your unique style is to try something different.

13. Dress for a lasting style, rather than a fashion. Fashion changes every year, so solid style overplays fashion one.

14. Don’t dress like a rockstar unless you are.

15. Match belt and shoe. Your belt and shoe should always be of the same color.

16. Learn to sew. It’s very miserable to throw away an item which can be easily repaired with a needle and thread.

17. Pay attention on small things. Changing button color of you shirt can drastically change your look.

18. Don’t always look at brand. You can buy good items at affordable prices. The only rule is that should be of a decent quality and should fit you.

19. Do not take criticism or jokes about your style too seriously. If you feel confident in your style, then you shouldn’t care about them at all.

20. Always wear undergarments. This will expand your items lifespan and can a little resist a bad sweaty smell.

21. Do not put wallet in your wear’s pockets. It is a good tip preventing your clothing to lose it’s shape.

22. Don’t wear clothes to protest something. If you want to protest something it is not a good option to wear deviant items. They just look like an idiots.

23. Also don’t wear something ironically. Funny shirts or funny hats will not make you funny, but will make you clown.

24. Don’t forget about posture and manners. You are not a man if you can’t act like a real man.

25. If you are sick on creating outfit ideas by yourself, search for them in our lookbook for example.

26. Keep your style simple. Don’t try too hard to look stylish. The most stylish men are the men that look the same as they put the least effort.

27. Don’t mix black and brown ever.

28. Accept yourself and do the best you can. We can’t always get what we want, but we can much.

29. Looking sexy is a question of confidence. It is a question of mind as much as a body.

30. Good stylish wear can make you more confident and improve your performance. 

31. Better to buy cheap but of a good quality item than an expensive brand. Tailor for an additional 10$ will make any item look like it 300$ more expensive.

32. Most sexy part of your body is your butt, women’s survey says. Do you know what I mean?

33. Do not listen to women. They don’t know what they are talking about, especially in mens style.

Clothing Tips

34. Pay attention on the items which others won’t notice. Unnoticeable things will give a charm to your look.

35. Don’t give up clothes that are a little bit large to you. Every tailor can make it fit you perfectly for just 10$.

36. Wash denim regularly. Or jeans crotch area will tear up soon.

37. Don’t wear careless wrinkled clothes. Your look should be neat and accurate.

38. Make sure that everything is clean.

39. Jeans should be tapered but not skinny. Guys often confuse tapered jeans that fit well with skinny jeans. So, jeans fit well when they are tapered in shin area and do not tie hips like a tights.

40. Your pants should break only once when touching your shoes. If they break 2 or 3 times, then you should shorten them.

41. When you want to get your pants shorten, always put on shoes. Other way you have a good risk to miss the length.

42. Big logo on the chest is an excellent way to ruin your look. Small and accurate one looks fine.

43. Dress in the way that colors should work together.

44. Choose colors that are easy to mix. Other way, you will not able to compose a full outfit.

45. Choose more natural colors. Fancy colors wouldn’t last long. (In fashion perspective.)

46. When you dress up for an evening event, don’t be cheap. Simple casual blazer is not acceptable.

47. Tuxedo should be brand new. When you are wearing tuxedo you should be as elegant as you have ever been. Small things like old shoes is not acceptable.

48. White and black outlook combines best with silver. I haven’t seen anybody who wears gold watches with black tuxedo.

49. Do not button up lower button of jacket. This button is not purposed for that. The story comes from medieval England where one king physically couldn’t button up the lower button.

50. The same applies to vests.

51. Shirt cuffs should stick out by 1-2 cm from under a jacket. But no more.

52. Jacket pockets should not be sewed up. It is made, because jacket loses it’s shape and presentability, but once item is purchased you should rip up pockets.

53. During the winter invest in a good coat. 9 times form 10 people will see your coat instead of what is under it.

54. Coat should perfectly fit you. It is a type of wear that has strong straight shape and if it is a little bit baggy then it is a wasted money.

55. Suit jacket should never stick out from the coat.

56. Make sure that your sleeves fell well when you buy shirt. Sleeves length is the main parameter of your shirt and if they are too long or too short, that means that it is not your size or the producer is doesn’t good at creating shirts.

57. Shorts should be worn with short socks. Long socks are not acceptable.

58. Rubber slates are good only at the beach, but nowhere else. Even if it is Fabi’s 300$ slates, they are awful.

59. Don’t wear polyester tight t-shirt somewhere else then gym. If you want to show your torso go to the beach or go without t-shirt.

60. Business style required shirt lighter than suit, tie always darker than shirt.

61. Use only natural fabrics. Polyester is no good.

Accessories Tips

62. Do not put on all your accessories at the same time. You will look like a Christmas tree then.

63. Scarf is an element of accessory. So, don’t be cheap on it, if you want to make your look expensive.

64. Accessorize differently. Put on tie today, put off next day. Change belt, may be put on suspenders. These little things will renew your look, but at the same time you will able wear same clothes.

65. Don’t use suspenders and belt together. Either belt, either suspenders, but not together.

66. Avoid fancy badges on the belt. Belt is a type of accessory that shouldn’t attract attention, but should be suited with other items. Simple buckle is the best choice.

67. Don’t wear old father’s ties. Even if it is a simple part of wardrobe it has it’s own fashion and old ones look not fashionable.

68. Tie and shirt should be in contrast. Different color and different tracery also.

69. Tie should touch belt buckle. Not millimeter longer, not shorter.

70. Every man looks good with black tie. May be it is a cliche, but it is.

71. Silver watches is a sign of opulence, gold is a deliberate display of wealth by nouveau riche. ( It’s my personal opinion though. What’s yours?)

72. Don’t focus only on ties and watches. Cuff links, shirt studs, tie clips, tie pins exist, too.

73. But don’t wear stupid necklaces. The only 2 reasons to wear necklaces is due to religion or if you are a raper. Other ways will make your look silly.

74. Waist pouch is practical but awful (from style perspective).

Shoes Tips

75. Buy best looking shoes that you can find. You may find perfect shirt and pants, but if your shoes are bad you will ruin all your look.

76. Burnish your shoes regularly. It will extend footwear’s life and just makes it look better.

77. Buy shoetree for every shoe you have. Using it every time you do not wear shoes will protect shoes’ shape and increase life span.

78. When shoes became worn, don’t throw them away. You can wear worn brogues with jeans, but they are not suit brogues anymore.

79. Don’t throw away loafers or other shoes that a little bit small to you. Every cobbler can stretch shoes about half a size for about 10$.

Buying Clothes & Shoes Tips

80. When buying clothes you should think: “Damn, I look awesome in this jeans“. In other way it will not suit you.

81. Do shopping alone. Shopping alone is a good chance to buy an item that really fits you and nobody will disturb you during the process.

82. Only buy clothes that you like. Don’t buy anything due to sake of buying or only because it was on sale. It wouldn’t suit you anyway.

83. Do not listen to customer consultants. Their aim is to sell an item to you even if it doesn’t fit you.

84. Do not buy item that is not of your size. Even if you very liked the item, you will soon realize that the item doesn’t fit you at all, because it is not of the right size.

85. Always try a smaller size before buying an item. Guys want to look bigger, so they tend to buy a larger size unconsciously.

86. Know exactly your measurements, before you go shopping. Especially when you buy wear from the web.

87. If you have an opportunity, try clothes on yourself first. The size may differ from brand to brand.

88. Don’t be shy to try 20 different pairs of jeans before buying one. Find the one that fits you most.

89. Put on items that you will wear with which you are going to buy. This tip will help you with the right choice.

90. If item is small to you, leave it on a hanger. Even best tailor couldn’t fix the situation.

91. Buy off-season closes. Thus you will be able to save up to 30-40% money for next season.

92. Do shopping in certain constant places. Every shop has coupons, which may provide up to 30% discount.


93. Take shower every day. Good smell and healthy look is good in every way.

94. Good fragrance is also important. It is the first thing that people sense when they come close to you.

95. Do not overdo cologne. It is good when it could be barely smelled when you stay close, but not when it smashes into face.

96. Take care of your hair.  Most opened part of your body is head. So, if your hair is not good, you will definitely ruin all your look.

97. Don’t be cheap on barber. If you want to have a beard you have to use barber services. Badly groomed beard will make you a farmer.

98. Don’t shave armpits. Use trimmer instead.

99. Take care of your skin. If your skin look unhealthy, take a week of skin clearing. None of outfit can hide skin disorders.

Concluding Tip

100. Do not listen to style tips which you don’t like. Style is always your own choice, be yourself and your own style would be best.




Written by Renato Varran