Sync Denim is not worldwide known brand. However, it’s not a shame and today I’ll make a short review of this brand and, especially, their sweatshirts.

Sync Denim Brand Overview

First things that comes to mind, when you look at their clothes, is that it is a very contemporary line of wear. The level of fashion is much higher than average stylish wear such as Lacoste, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss e.t.c.

However, it is not “too fashion” like Fear of God, though they have a bald model. So, basically you are able to wear this wear at the street, because sync denim is company that produces not only clothes to wear on fashion exhibitions, but on a casual day also.

Another thing is that their pants are not looking as fashion as top. Their pants are about average contemporary style: slim-skinny pants, military-khaki printings, pretty looking slim shorts. In another words, a standard set of a contemporary producer. So, it is another point which leads us to the thought that Sync Denim could be wore in everyday life by the guy who wants to wear stylish clothes.

Hope, it’s clear about Sync Denim brand image, let’s explore it in more details.


Prices listed from Official Sync Denim store and they are quite high, but average considering in what niche Sync Denim is.

Jeans, pants: 180$+

Shorts: 90$

T-shirts: 50-70$

Sweatshirts: 90-120$

As we seen, they are quite high, what is usual to a not large producer of contemporary wear.

Another thing, that worth to mention, is that these clothes are sewed in USA and it is very nice. Nowadays, many producers are not even producers by themselves. Some of them buy clothes from factories somewhere in China and then only set their label.

So, you can see for, example, exactly the same shirt by 2 different brands, what is absurd.

But if you wear sync denim, you can be calm, cause there is no other such clothes like this company produces.


Here we’ve selected their most fashion wear.










Overall, Sync Denim is a modern producer of contemporary stylish wear. However, if you will put on these clothes, you wouldn’t like that you’ve escaped  fashion exhibition. If you haven’t liked this type of wear or just these brand, search for the outfit in our lookbook. It is more solid and proven wear there.



Written by Renato Varran