Henley t-shirts are not simple t-shirts or polos. In fact, this type of t-shirts has it’s own charm. People, who had been wearing scoop neck t-shirts with a row of buttons, always were fashionable, outstanding from the grey mass. However, not all henleys have this charm, so I’ve looked through a lot of brands and picked up top 10 brands, which will make your style fashionable and especial.

1. Alternative

This brand produces not only good simple t-shirts, they have a wide range of different henleys which look nice, too. That fact makes this brand really “alternative”. This “alternative” wear is good for fashionable persons, who like to make oneself conspicuous. Special attention deserves their red long sleeved model with uneven edge.

altaphenley photo credit: alternativeapparel.com

2. Bella+Canvas

Bella+Canvas is one of my favorite brands, when we are talking about some kind of fashionable t-shirts. And their henleys are not an exception from the rule. Although they have not wide range of t-shirts, but their grey long sleeved henley looks great.

belcanhen photo credit: bellacanvas.com

3. Bylunta

May be you didn’t hear about that brand before, but there is one thing, for which Bylunta is in this list. If you go to their official website homepage, you’ll see 4 different henley t-shirts in their top 5 best sales. This fact make their henleys especial, what you can see from the picture below.

bylunta-henleyphoto credit: bylunta.com

4. Carhartt

Henleys that are produced by this company look especial even among other henley t-shirts. So, why they look so deviant? May be,very long sleeves seem unusual and badly on some kind of t-shirts, but in that case, long sleeves are well suited.

carhartthenl photo credit: Pinterest

5. Dickies

Dickies henleys could brag by their high fashion. They look like stylish wear for an high fashion guy. Moreover, t-shirts are made from high density fabric, what makes them very durable. In addition, these henleys are in low and affordable price niche and it is a nice bonus.

dickiehenl photo credit: Pinterest

6. Kenneth Cole New York

This brand is not well known to the major auditory, but it’s not the shame. In fact, this company originates in New York as you can see from the name, which means that Kenneth Cole tends to be a modern fashion brand, as New York is a capital of fashion. So, their henleys are of  fresh design and look very contemporary and cool.

kenncolehenl photo credit: Pinterest

7. Levi’s

Although Levi’s company has a long over 150 year history (founded in 1853), their clothes go with the time. Levi’s henleys are not so modern-futuristic and present todays fashion. For example, this one, on the picture below, looks great as described.

levishenleyphoto credit: Pinterest

8. Lucky Brand

This brand’s henleys are for those, who are looking for a simple, not deviant, but a solid style. They provide good basic shape henleys in medium price niche, but with a wide range of different models. So, if you are looking for an everyday henley, this brand is for you.

luckyhenley photo credit: Pinterest

9. True Religion

This brand positions itself as a true rocking wear for those, who like splashy clothes. So, we’ve picked True henley that perfectly describes their slogan.

true-henleyphoto credit truereligion.com

10. Wrangler

Their slogan says “made for the city” and it really is. Wrangler’s clothes are not fancy or splashy, they are made for an solid everyday style. So, if you choose it, you’ll never be wrong, because wrangler is a solid brand for many years.

wrangler-henleyphoto credit: wrangler.com


I’ve picked up 10 henley t-shirt brands, which I liked most. It’s always my opinion based on my preferences, so if you didn’t find henley that satisfied your need, then try to discover new brands in best articles guide section.

Written by Renato Varran