T-shirt is a part of clothes that is worn by absolutely everyone. You couldn’t find anybody, who don’t have a simple t-shirt. Someone wears it nearly all the time, others wear it only to do a dirty work. Nevertheless, a good t-shirt can make your style cool and can be suited to nearly every place, either, it is a walk, or it’s a night party.

Simple t-shirts differ from others by their simplicity. Shirts of such type do not have any buttons and have simple round or V-neck collar. They are usually mono colored, but any good paintings are acceptable, too.

In this article I’ve selected and reviewed 10 of the most popular simple t-shirt brands to wear for men.

1. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel is also called “Alternative” to avoid comparing and confusing with American Apparel. Nonetheless, Alternative is quiet similar by its brand image to American, but has some distinctive features. First, Alternative is in a higher price niche and the best word to describe their prices is “medium”. Moreover, Alternative tends to have more classic t-shirts with different pictures and doesn’t create “very hipster” models.

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2. American Apparel

American apparel provides one of the largest ranges of simple T-shirts. Options vary from simple round collar to deep V-neck models, from sleeveless to full-length sleeves. Additional words to say, is that American Apparel produces t-shirts in a very affordable price segment even 100% cotton t-shirts are cheaper than competitors 50% polyester models. Although this brand is known for their simple mono colored t-shirts, they have some hipster and fashion samples.

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3. Bella+Canvas

May be it is not so well known brand as previous, but all you have to know is that Bella+Canvas is focusing on creating and producing top t-shirts. It is not one of those companies that produce the variety wear from t-shirts to suits. All I can say more that it will be one of the best choices, if you want to wear a top stylish t-shirt.

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4. Hugo Boss

If you are looking for a premium simple t-shirts, then Hugo Boss is for you. This company does not produce too fashion and hipster t-shirts, they tend to create more classic and solid style. Their prices deserve additional words, good simple t-shirt may cost you of an another hundred of dollars or even more.

hugo-boss-tshirtphoto credit: Pinterest

5. Just Cavalli

It is one of the most popular Italiano Brands. Just Cavalli is known for exotic and fashion wear. The same applies to their t-shirts. Lots of printings on t-shirts is their main feature. If you are looking for cool, stylish t-shirt with exotic drawing, then Cavalli  is for you.

just-cavalli-t-shirtphoto credit: Pinterest

6. Lacoste

This brand is known by everyone for their polos. However, their simple t-shirts are worth to mention, too. If you are looking for an elegant and rich looking style, then Lacoste is for you. Their T-shirts are in a medium-high price niche and wearing a Lacoste t-shirt is a privilege of a successful men.

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7. Lucky Brand

Started as a company that produces only denim products, Lucky Brand transferred into a company that makes everyday wear in a wide range. This brand is a solid middling is this industry. “Lucky” provides good t-shirts at good prices.

luckybrand-tshirtphotocredit: Pinterest

8. Next Level Apparel

Next Level Apparel tends to produce simple mono colored clothes. The same applies to their simple t-shirts. NLA t-shirts are in low price niche, but it doesn’t mean that they are of a low quality. They just provide simple 100% cotton t-shirts at affordable prices.

next-level-apparelphoto credit: Pinterest

9. Original Penguin

This brand is another American clothing line. But the key is that there is something special we can find throughout the whole line. The clothes (including t-shirts) are gravitate to mainly cold blue, black, white colors. What is connected to their brand’s image – Penguin. Looks very nice.

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USAMM is a brand for USA patriots and fans. You will find the connection with the USA in every item by the color or printing. Their t-shirts are in low-medium price segment, but of a decent quality. So, if you love USA then USAMM is the best deal for you.

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I don’t pretend to be an absolute style idol and your opinion may differ from mine. But I’ve tried to give you some fresh new ideas about brands. May be there are a lot more brands, you wished to see here. Anyway, if you are not satisfied, you are able to see the list our best articles, may be there you’ll find what you are looking for.

Written by Renato Varran