Urban style is trending nowadays. The main features of that style are long t-shirts with uneven bottom edge, ripped clothes, extra long sweatshirts and hoodies, zippers on different parts of clothes.

So, here is the list of top urban t-shirts for men.

Note: I’ve tried to pick different items, so some of good t-shirts are missing in that list, cause they have analogies among other producers.

URBAN K Men’s Round Bottom Elong Longline Short Sleeve Hipster T-Shirt White


  • Design feature: none.

It is just a classic extra long urban t-shirt, which every brand is producing. I’ve decided to open my top of urban t-shirts for men with the classic one, cause if you don’t know which one to choose, it’s better to start with classic one.

URBANCREWS Men’s Hipster Hip Hop Graphic Print Mesh Trim Longline Jersey T-Shirt


  • Design feature: cool printing design.

This one is similar by shape, but unique by graphics. In fact, this t-shirt would be well suited with black denim ripped jeans.

Youstar Men’s Distressed Tee Shirt


  • Design feature: rhomboid pattern.

Youstar is another top brand, who produces urban wear. Among a big line of tees, this one with rhomboid pattern stays  outside.

UNRESTRAINED Mens Hipster Hip Hop Rounded Hemline T-Shirt Extended Tee


  • Design feature: creative black and white sections.

As it was said, that t-shirt is stands here for creative black and white coloring. There was another tee with opposite pattern, but I liked this one more.


Bertte Mens Hipster Hip Hop Basic Longline Curved Hem Crewneck Short Sleeve Camouflage T-shirt


  • Design feature: camouflage pattern.

Camouflage pattern became very hipster nowadays. The story begins with camouflage shorts and ands with camo everything. Not even worth talking that mens camouflage urban t-shirts exist, too. Here is a nice example above from bertte’s.

OLRIK Men’s Hipster Hip Hop Short Sleeve Hoodie Side Zipper Tshirt

  • Design feature: hood.

For someone such kind of design is looking strange, but it is a typical urban style. The mix of hoodie and extra long hip hop t-shirt by Olrik brand.

Pizoff Unisex Curved Hem Extra Longline T-shirt with Blue Stripes


  • Design Feature: blue stripes.

Blue stripes is not an urban style sign. But typical extra long size combining with fashion blue stripes make this t-shirt special among others urban tees.

Style Addiction Men’s Hip Hop Longline Hooded T-Shirt


  • Design feature: double tailed.

Another mix of t-shirt and hoodie. However, this time main feature is not the hood, but special double tailed backside. That kind of design is much higher than average fashion, but if you like high urban style, then this t-shirt is right for you.

Urban Classics – ASYMETRIC SHAPED Long Tee white


  • Design feature: asymetric shape.

If we compare this t-shirt and previous by the value of fashion or urban style, then those tees are equal. No else words needed, asymetric shape is a sign of a high urban fashion.

URBAN ICON Men’s Round Bottom Long Tee Heather Grey

  • Design feature: distressed heather grey pattern.

For someone, such kind of pattern is not something special. But if you don’t want too much urban fashion in your style and still want a cool t-shirt, then this one may satisfy your needs.


So, we’ve discovered 10 different designs of top urban t-shirts for men. Some of them are more fashionable, some of them less. If you didn’t find yours favorite one or just want to add something, write it in comments.

Written by Renato Varran

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