If you don’t know what leather jacket to buy, you should answer, what type of leather jacket you are looking for. So, I’ve picked up most common types of leather jackets for men from which you can pick one that you will like the most.

Simple Black Leather Jacket

Simple black leather jacket is a classic leather jackets and if you completely don’t know what leather jacket to buy, then this variant is for you. There are a plenty of black leather jackets and which one exactly to buy is a difficult tusk either. I recommend you to look for some outfit ideas with black leather jackets and  find which ideally will fit your style. However, there are not only black leather colors available, brown, green, grey, blue and others are available, too. But, honestly, I am not a big fan of that, brown may suit well if it is a little bit distressed, but other colors look too glamorous (however, every look is particular, too).


Black Leather Jacket with Standing Collar

Another type of black leather jacket, which have to be mentioned to clarify some types of jackets, is black jacket with standing collar (as you see on the photo below). This collar is designed not only for decorative purposes, but can save your neck in cold weather, if you forget your scarf at home. Anyway, collar of such type gives somewhat more brutality to the look.


Brown Suede Jacket

Another major type of leather jacket is suede jacket. These jackets give a special charm to your look overall. If fact, such look seems more expensive and neat, than with previous leather jackets. Suede jacket typically is a wear of a successful man 26+ years old. The best variant of suede jacket is a contemporary slim fit jacket (as on the pic below) and it looks much better than loose shapeless jacks from the mid 80s (Don’t confuse with the bomber jackets).


Black Suede Jacket

If you are wondered, does black suede jacket exists, then the answer is yes. And you could verify this by looking at the photo below.


Bomber Jacket

Another popular variant of leather jackets is a bomber jacket. This wear came from the world war, where american bombers (from air forces) wore jackets exactly of such type. In my opinion, such type of wear is very situative and in most cases is not well suited for a younger generation because of it’s shape. But if you know how to wear it, then it is a good jacket to make your style more variative. If not, check out the next jacket.


Varsity Leather Jacket

Varsity jacket is a good variant of jacket for youth generation .Due to it’s design varsity jacket emphasizes the shape of torso and fits well on the guys. Also it could be decorated with lamb fleece collar, so it would be very similar to bomber jacket, but a more contemporary one.



So, there were discovered some basic types of leather jackets. If you still do not know, what jacket or which exactly one to buy, try to look for best outfits and there you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Written by Renato Varran