Shirt is an inseparable part of style of every men. You will never find a stylish man that does not wear shirt, because there are a lot of shirt types for every situation, either you are going to have an evening with woman, or just go to the beach. There you’ll find, what types of shirts exist and what shirt to wear for men.

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What are the Types of Mens Shirts?

At first, all shirts compose 3 major groups by the level of formality: casual shirts,  dress shirts, tuxedo shirts.

Casual Shirt  is better suited for occasional, not formal, not planned meetings or walk. It is also good explained by an everyday shirt.

Dress shirts is a part of smart casual or a dressy casual dress code. This type of shirts is well suited with trousers and loafers for office parties or with more formal shoes and blazer for office days.

Tuxedo shirts are only worn in formal evening events such as the opera or wedding. It is usually worn with tuxedo and bow tie.

Men’s Casual Shirts

As it was mentioned, casual shirts are an informal, everyday type of wear. Another thing that worth to mention is that these shirts are suited for different situations. Some of them are more dressy, some of them – less. I’ve found that there are 4 main different styles of casual shirts.

1. Plaid Shirts

The first one is a simple plaided casual shirt. It is better to combine this shirt with jeans and avoid white and light colors. Also, it is usually a winter and cold season wear, rather than summer time clothes.

plaidshirtphoto credit: pinterest

2. Shirts with stripes

The second one is a casual shirt with stripes. It is a warm summer variant of wearing a casual shirt. Combining with light colored casual pants or with usual jeans will make your look more expensive and smart. Here on the picture below.

thin-stripes-casual-shirtphoto credit: pinterest

3. Printed shirts

Next shirt type is printed shirt. Printings could be different, it could be from palms or flowers to simple small dotted tracery. It is rather a summer-spring variant and also can be short or 3/4 sleeved.

37b40af40b1bcc30a18f4df6c825310ephoto credit: pinterest

4. Mono colored shirts

The last one is a simple mono colored shirt. It is a type of shirt, that you are able to wear whatever you wish. With long sleeves, with tucked sleeves, with all buttons on, completely unbuttoned, everything that will come to your mind. White color is in favor, but other soft colors are fine, too.

colored-shirtphoto credit: pinterest

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Men’s Dress Shirts

Dress shirts can be worn in a wide range of situations. But typically it is a shirt “to go in office on regular basis”. It can be combined with blazer (or without), with more formal suit, with tie or without. Every way to wear it will be fine, either with separate trousers, or with suit. However, there are some tips of how to wear different types dress shirts, which can improve your office style and make you a style idol of the company you are working in. There are 2 different types of dress shirts that I’ve picked.

1. Mono colored dress shirts

Deep dark blue, light blue and white shirts are in favor. Simple mono color shirt with dress pants is good in every way, but combining with blazer without tie not worse. Good blue blazer will give you more solid status and you will never look like a trainee. Look at the picture below. However, such look doesn’t suit for regular office work, rather if you are CEO then it’s good. If you replace white dress pants by the dark blue in ton of blazer, there you can go for a work and will look like a solid manager.

blazer-shirt-shirtphoto credit: pinterest

2. Shirts with printings: plaids, stripes or dots.

Shirts with printings, as mono colored, are nice when you go to office, if it is a good shirt. However, if you have a nice blazer as on the picture above, it is better to combine it with simple mono colored dress shirts. Also try to avoid plaided and striped shirts, when you go for a work, because there will be to much country style. Best solution is dotted, like on the picture.

dotted-shirt-calvin-kleinphoto credit: calvinklein.com

Tuxedo Shirts

Tuxedo shirt or tux shirt is an evening shirt to wear with evening wear, like black or white tie and bow tie. I wouldn’t divide all shirts into groups, cause there are no major different types, but there are a lot of small details, and some of them I will mention. First, type of tuxedo shirt depends on “with tie or bow tie you are going to wear?”. If you wear bow tie, the collar might be folded. Second, white ties are usually worn with white (pearl color) buttoned shirts, black with black. The last note is that tuxedo shirt usually picked up with the tuxedo at a whole, which is chosen for an event. It’s easier to buy full suit wholly, than by parts. An example of tuxedo shirt see below.

tuxedo-shirtphoto credit: pinterest


As you seen, there are a lot of shirts, which are suitable to literally every situation. Moreover, shirt is a mandatory part of every men’s wardrobe, so, may be it’s time to renew your own style with some new shirts? If no, may be you are interested in other helpful style info?

Written by Renato Varran