T-shirt is a type of wear that absolutely everybody wears. Although it is not very expensive, it can make your style cool or elegant, if you choose the right t-shirt. But you have to have some basic knowledge about t-shirts to make a good decision and buy a good shirt. In the article below I will discover some types of t-shirts and will pick some good examples of which you can fill your clothes wardrobe.

What are the types of T-shirts

First, let me begin with the 3 main types of t-shirts. They are simple t-shirt, henley and polo. As the first and third are well known, henleys are not so popular. Henley is a type of t-shirt that lies between simple t-shirt and polo, has a scoop neck and short row of buttons. An instance of henley t-shirt is on the picture below.


Although there are long sleeves on the picture, it’s not a mandatory rule to every type of t-shirt. According to that, there are 4 types of sleeves: long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves (most common length), sleeveless (also called tank top). There are examples of all sleeves length types on the picture below.


You can see also that there are different neck types. Yes, basically there are 3 different types of t-shirt necks: crew neck, V-neck, scoop (drop neck). See it on the picture below.


T-shirts differ from each other not only by their look, but by the quality of fabric they have been made. So, there are several parameters on which  you should pay attention:

  • The fabric it has been made of. Make sure that t-shirt you are buying is a 100% cotton. If t-shirt is made of 50% polyester, 50% it would be uncomfortable to wear. The problem of polyester t-shirt is, that it is fine unless you sweat even for a little bit. Wet polyester t-shirt may cause skin irritation and will also smell terrible after an hour of walk. It is not a mandatory rule that t-shirt should be 100 cotton. Any different natural fabric works fine, too.
  • Fabric density. This rule is simple. The more density the more durability. However, t-shirts with small fabric density could be lighter and more comfortable to wear in hot weather.
  • Washing temperature. This rule is not about choosing t-shirt, but it helps to avoid accidents after the decision has been made. Some t-shirts are made with high quality fabric, so you are able to wash them at the 60ºC with no risk of damaging t-shirt. But the most part of t-shirts are supposed to be washed only at 30-40ºC. So, be careful and look at the label first.

There are many types of different t-shirts, colors, quality and it is still hard to choose one. I do not insist or emphasize the best type of wear, because everyone has his own preferences and style. So, “what shirt to choose?” is a question to yourself mainly. But, the last thing that we can recommend is, that if you have read this post until this point and still don’t know what t-shirt to wear, you may follow this simple rule:

“Choose cool, stylish and popular brand. Try several of t-shirts and buy which fits you most.”

Most popular brands usually produce t-shirts of the highest quality fabric and also they look stylish, because they are created by top designers. So, anyway, your choice would be the best of what fits to you.

If you are not deep into stylish wear brands, I glad to help you with it by picking up most solid names for each type of t-shirt.

Top T-shirt Brands of Different Types

Simple T-shirts

  1. Alternative
  2. American Apparel
  3. Bella+Canvas
  4. Hugo Boss
  5. Just Cavalli
  6. Lacoste
  7. Lucky Brand
  8. Next Level Apparel
  9. Original Penguin
  10. USAMM

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Henleys T-shirts

  1. Alternative
  2. Bella+Canvas
  3. Bylunta
  4. Carhartt
  5. Dickies
  6. Kenneth Cole New York
  7. Levi’s
  8. Lucky Brand
  9. True Religion
  10. Wrangler

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Polos T-shirts

  1. Calvin Klein
  2. Cutter & Buck
  3. Fred Perry
  4. Haggar
  5. Hugo Boss
  6. Izod
  7. Lacoste
  8. Ralph Lauren
  9. Tommy Hilfiger
  10. U.S. Polo Assn.

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T-shirt is the most popular element of wear. So, choosing the right shirt is very important to improve your style. Remember to pick different shirts for different styles and don’t forget to choose right pants and other clothes.

Written by Renato Varran