Sweater with deers was always an item that is gifted by granny. No words needed to say that is a kind of an unstylish wear. But, in fact, you can turn every negative case in the right way, so even a  deer sweater will be look cool and “cute”.

Basically, sweater with deers is a neat casual type of wear. For those, who don’t know what “neat casual” is, it is clothes to sit near fireplace with family and relatives in the holiday evening.

So, let’s start with some basic deer sweater outfits.

Simple Sweater with Deers


Basic look with deer knitted sweater. From theory, it should look unstylish, however it isn’t in that way in fact.

The reason is that how did he match colors. Look at the photo again and count the amount of colors, they are 3: blue, white and red.

Moreover, there are 2 major colors, actually, (blue and white) and 1 minor (red), which is great actually.

To make clear that matching color is important, let’s take an another example.

Pullover with Deers


Pay attention at the photo above, from the first look that deer sweater with brown snowflakes doesn’t seem nice. But the one thing I noticed here is that how his sweater negligently tucked under belt.

It happens in life sometimes, but not at the photo session. So, that fact prompted me an idea of why this outfit is nice overall.

The reason is his belt is of a brown color and it is well suited with brown snowflakes on the sweater. So, again good color matching makes a look.

However, color matching is not the only way you can wear sweater with deers. You may follow some more classic styles with more fashionable sweater.

Cardigan Sweater with Deers


That style is more classic neat casual style than previous. Brown loafers, chinos khaki pants, light blue dress shirt, grey fashion knitted cardigan and you will look stylish.

This fashion cardigan looks like fashion sweater rather than unstylish sweater with deers.

Cardigan is not the only type of sweater with deers that looks fashionable. In fact, there should be a contemporary pattern and every item will look fresh and stylish like on the photo below.

Fashionable Sweater with Jeans


I didn’t find the proper pick with deers, but this one is looking similar.

As you can see, it is not a neat casual style at all. It is rather street style already. There are no exact rules about dress codes, so we can see some interesting combinations.

And it is the main feature of that sweater. Fashion develops with the time, so clothes that you wore 10 years ago look completely unstylish, and clothes that you thought cannot be stylish become so.


And that’s all for now, let me conclude what’ve been told there, cause this article turned out quite messy:

  • Match the colors, you should play around 2-3 colors.
  • Follow the classic styles with fashionable wear.
  • Buy contemporary wear, don’t wear clothes that you wore 10 years ago.



Written by Renato Varran