Firstly, v-neck tees were always an items that were worn as an underwear, because of their shape. Such collar has a deep front neckline, which allows to hide that t-shirt under dress shirt or another clothes. But with the time, such kind of collar got into fashion and people start to wear it as a top wear combining with different items, such as blazers, cardigans, hoodies e.t.c. However, not every of those looks is great, so here we will discover some basic knowledge about how to wear v-neck t-shirts.

First of all, every t-shirt is still a shirt, so you should treat it like a simple t-shirt. Accordingly to that you can wear it with or without any sweaters and jackets.

V-neck T-shirts Without Top Wear Outfits

V-neck design is good, until the neckline is too deep. If you want to look like 19 year pop-start, then it is good. However, it is bad if you don’t want, too.

But what deep is too deep?

The example of “too deep” is on the photo below, in my opinion.

Too deep v-neck t-shirt outfit


If neckline reaches the middle of your chest then it is too deep and you should avoid such t-shirts, cause they ruin your look.

The example of how it should be is on the next photo. Shorter variants are also exist and are also accepted.

What v-neck design should be


Basically, white v-neck is the best choice. However, there are no rules of what color t-shirt should be. Here are some good examples of outfit ideas

Grey Tee


  • Note: grey color is very good, if you want to wear white chinos pants. White t-shirt wouldn’t be good here.

Black Short Sleeve Shirt


  • Note: Black t-shirt is better to combine with black pants or with blue jeans at least. But if you put on such combo, don’t dress up all in black. White sole and white-black plaid shirt are saving the day here.

Colored V-neck T-shirts


  • Note: Colored V-neck t-shirts are fine, too. If you are looking for a brand, then American Apparel will be the classic one in that kind of clothes.

Combining V with Something

As for wearing v-neck t-shirt with something, there are no strict rules about neckline and shirt design. So, deep but not “ridiculously deep” tees are accepted.

Moreover, you can match it up with pretty much everything. Here are some basic outfit ideas to match v-neck with.

V-neck + Button Down Shirt


  • Denim shirt is also good here.

T-shirt + Cardigan Sweater


  • Cardigan sweater plus v-neck create somewhat vintage style.

V + Light Cotton Jacket


  • There also could be hoodie. Both variants are good.

Leather Jacket Outfit


  • Leather jacket plus v-neck t-shirt is one of the best choices of whic you can pair t-shirt with. Denim jacket is also would be great here.

Classic Outfits with Blazers

I’ve decided to select t-shirt outfits with blazers in their own section, cause, as for leather jacket, it was one of the best choices, for blazers it would be absolutely the best choice to match up with the v-neck t-shirts.

But take a note that you should dress up in a neat casual style. Don’t try to reach smart or dressy casual, cause t-shirt is not suited for that.

White Blazer Black V-neck


White V-neck T-shirt Black Blazer



For an end let’s gather all tips that where talked here:

  • If you wear on top t-shirt alone, v-neck design shouldn’t be too deep.
  • V-neck t-shirt is still a t-shirt. It should be worn in that way.
  • Such t-shirt could be suited with almost everything.
  • Take into considering blazer + v-neck outfit.

And that’s all for v-neck shirts. As you’ve seen there is no additional knowledge needed, just some basics, to wear a v-neck tee.


Written by Renato Varran