Many people have an association that casual sweater is only a granny’s knitted sweater with deers, and it just couldn’t be stylish. However, it’s not true and wearing a sweater became a top trend in autumn. Here, I’ve picked up some types of sweaters to give you an idea of what sweater to wear next season.

1. Classic Pullover

Though a classic monochrome pullover is a formal type of wear and usually worn in office, you can use it with a casual outfit. Put on blue jeans and white not dressed shirt, may be some cool glasses and your formal office style will become a cool casual one. As for an example, you can see how monochrome v-neck pullover can be worn in a casual way.


2. Casual Pullover

Another type of pullover is a special casual pullover which can’t be worn in office. It is usually a pullover with stripes which make sweater less formal. For example, it could be thin horizontal stripes as on the photo below or thick gradient stripes, which are popular, too. On the whole, every design except monochrome would be fine.


3. Pullover with Tracery

Another good type of pullovers is a pullover with knitted tracery. It could be any tracery, for example, bounded vertical stripes or vertical rhombus. If you didn’t understand clearly what I mean, let me provide the photo (below) and all will become clear. It worth to mention, that basically such type of pullover is a winter version, purposed to seat near the hearth, rather than walking at the street.


4. Casual Cardigan

Cardigan is mainly formal wear used to put on with shirt and tie. However, there are some exceptions in this rule. If you choose the right cardigan, you’ll be able to wear it in more informal way. For example, thick knitted cardigans are usually worn instead of jacket, what creates some charm in your look as on the pic.


5. Sweatshirt

Wearing a sweatshirt is a very long story and it worth special article for that. But I still have to mention half-shirt and half-sweater wear. The main feature is that they are made not from knitted, but rather from cotton fabric and much thicker, than simple t-shirt. Basically, it is a kind of casual street wear, not just usual casual, because sweatshirts are not worn on weekend meetings. There are a lot of different sweatshirts which I wouldn’t name now, but will give you a nice outfit with simple sweatshirt. By the way, you can buy look on the picture below here.


6. Hoodie

Hoodie is the same sweatshirt, but with hood. So, everything what was said about sweatshirts is true for hoodies,too: it is a casual street wear. So, if you are going to have weekend launch with office colleges it is better to wear simple pullover. And it’s all for now, take this cool hoodie pic with nice printings for an end.



As we seen, sweater is one of the most stylish types of wear. You can create a lot of styles from cool aggressive to clean and neat look. So, pick up the right sweater and wait for the next weekend to test your new style.

Written by Renato Varran