Knitting came to us from a very old times, but sweaters are relatively new creation. Nevertheless, sweaters gain popularity, because wearing sweater is very comfy and practical. There is no other item that associates with warm and comfort. Depending on the sweater it could be worn in office or a on a weekend meet. So, here I will tell you what are the types of formal sweaters to wear in office and with what you can wear each of them.

Formal Sweaters by Type

1. Pullovers

A classic mens pullover is the best sweater to wear in the office. You may wear it in a lot of different ways: with shirt (or without) and dressy pants, you may add tie or blazer also. Combine them in the way you wish. There are also plaid (or with squares or whit rhombus or whatever you call it) pullovers. They are fine, too, but I personally like monochrome sweaters, cause they look more contemporary and neater, than the second ones (it’s my personal opinion though, if you find cool look with rhombus pullover, mail to me, I’ll post it here). Example of how to wear monochrome pullover in my opinion below.



2. Cardigans

Cardigans are the second best (or probably first) sweater to wear in office. There are few types of cardigans which could be separated in 2 major groups: made from thick fabric and made from the thin fabric (as on the picture).  Thin cardigan is more formal, thick one is more casual and can be worn as a light jacket, that’s the difference in style.

Also, it should be mentioned that cardigan is more solid type of sweater, than the pullover above. Let me explain what I mean. Cardigan makes your look somewhat older, than if it was pullover. Initially, it is a sweater for an 30-40 years old men, so, if James Bond had to choose what sweater to wear, he would have chosen the cardigan, I think.


3. Polos

Polo is a good variant of sweater, but less popular. If you fell not confident about what is polo sweater, take this simple rule: polo sweater has collar, which can cover the neck in colder weather. Typically, polos are made from thick knitted fabric, so it is a type of clothes that usually worn instead of classic pullovers when it’s turn cold. However, therefore it couldn’t be worn with blazer. Nice pic with polo sweater, that I’ve found, below.


4. Vests

Finally, the last variant that I would like to mention is vest sweater. Although this item is the most simple at it’s design, vest is the hardest one to pick. There are a lot of different vests monochrome, with tracery, with deer tracery, with vertical knitted stripes and so on. General recommendation is to not make any experiments, just take a simple monochrome vest, a shirt, may be a tie and may be a blazer. Other variants are for advanced users or “high fashion”.



As we seen, there are not so many types of formal sweaters and not many variants of wearing them. Simple monochrome sweater is better, if you are not confident in style and fashion. But nevertheless, this outfit always looks very neat and solid. So, which sweater is you liked most?

Written by Renato Varran