Jeans are the most popular pants in everyday life, nowadays. As previously men wore typical straight blue jeans, today’s fashion allows wearing different types of jeans. So, the question “What jeans to choose for men” sounds louder and louder. And I’ve decided to write a quick guide of what jeans types are and what jeans to choose.

First, you have to decide, what type of jeans you are looking for. So, I’ve made some research and composed the list of jeans types with some tips of how to wear each type of jeans.

1. Straight Jeans

It is the most common type of jeans. Just simple jeans.

  • Straight jeans are good to wear with casual shirt, better with casual plaid shirt (as on the photo below). The Lumberjack look became very popular nowadays.
  • Do not wear straight jeans with coats of any length. Straight shape of coat badly suits with baggy shape of common jeans. If you are looking for winter ideas, it is better to wear it with long fleece or dawn jacket.

straight-jeansphoto credit: pinterest

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2. Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed Jeans are not so common, but, nevertheless, they deserved to be mentioned here. First, lets clarify what they are. Relaxed jeans are the type of jeans that has a straight fit shin (or looser) and a looser hip and pelvis. The best way to wear such type of jeans is combining a vintage style jeans with white sneakers and t-shirt like on the picture below.

relaxed-jeansphoto credit: pinterest

 3. Slim Jeans

Slim Jeans, perhaps, is the best variant for the stylish guys that are not about high fashion. Basic definition is that it is a type of jeans that closely fits hip, but has some room through the shin. Slim jeans are well suited for nearly every situation, if you want to wear jeans. There are lots of ways, types, colors that I wouldn’t expound them all here, but give you one of my favorite looks. Personally, I like to wear light blue (or dark grey) fit jeans with white t-shirt like on the picture. Also it could be dark blue jeans with white dress or casual shirt.

fit-jeansphoto credit: pinterest

4. Skinny Jeans

Honestly, there is no clear line between skinny jeans and slim jeans. Let us consider skinny as an extremely fit. But, really it doesn’t matter what type of jeans it is, when they fit you well and you liked your look. So, there are the same tips of wearing skinny jeans as fit jeans. And very good look with it is light blue jeans with white t-shirt. Also, light autumn coat is well suited for that style.

skinny-jeansphoto credit: pinterest

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In this article we’ve discovered some basic types of jeans. This information will help you to find jeans that you are looking for. The best advice now is find the look that you like the most and  knowing the type of your favored jeans will make this search easy.

Written by Renato Varran