Black shirt is a very popular type of wear, cause black is a common color and a shirt is a widespread type of clothing. However, the question what jeans to wear with black shirt appears quite often. So, here I’ll tell you what color of jeans suits best with black shirt.

The first and the main rule is that black color is the worst color to match with the brown (the darker one). This rule applies not only to jeans + shirt, but too every situation, especially when you wear brown oxfords.

All other combinations are acceptable (by “all” I mean: black,grey, blue, light blue), no matter what type of shirt it is: casual, dress shirt or a simple t-shirt.

So, here I’ll prove it by picking some cool outfits with explanations, why it is good.

Black Shirt with Black Jeans


  • Top: shirt, dark blue navy blazer is also acceptable here.
  • Bottom: black jeans
  • Shoes: black chukka boots, casual loafers, oxfords (but not too formal)

Black jeans with shirt is the most common combo to wear. However, if you want to wear black with black, shoes and blazer also should be of a dark color. White sneakers or something else are not acceptable here.

Blue Jeans with Black Shirt


  • Top: shirt (or t-shirt), blazer is not good with that clothes.
  • Bottom: blue jeans
  • Shoes: slipons, fashion sneakers, loafers or chukka boots.

Blue jeans are the second most popular combo with black shirt. Pay attention on the color of shoes on the photo above. It is matched with the color of jeans.

In fact, it is a very good idea to match shoes color with something. However, black shoes are not good here, so blue ones are the best.

Grey Jeans with Black Shirt Outfit

As you can see, there is no black shirt on the photo below. In fact that doesn’t mean much, and we can imagine that bottom down shirt is worn instead of jacket. I couldn’t find a proper picture, so let’s work with that one.


  • Top: imaginable black shirt (or t-shirt).
  • Bottom: grey jeans.
  • Shoes: white sneakers.

This time sneakers are greatly matched with grey jeans. In that way, no other shoes will suit better than white fashion sneakers.

Chinos Pants with Black Shirt

As you can see on the photo, his pants are actually chinos pants. But I’ve thought it would be great to diversify your pants, cause such look is good, too.


  • Top: shirt.
  • Bottom: apricot.
  • Shoes: black fashion sneakers.

As you remember, brown is not good with black, but actually it is not brown color. This color is called apricot, so it is good with shirt.


Black shirt is an item of wardrobe that requires some knowledge to be worn in the proper way. So, here I’ll told you some basics main of them is to match shoes color with something. Hope you know now what jeans to wear with black shirt.

Written by Renato Varran