Shorts are a very popular wear, but few men know how to wear it and be stylish. Some shorts don’t fit you and make your look like a boy scout. However, if you want look like boy scout on the other hand, then you may do it alright. For, others I’ve composed this small guide of what shorts exist, what shorts to wear and with what combine them for different situations.

What are the Types of Shorts?

To answer the question “what shorts to wear?”, you should know the existing types of them and then search for one, which you like the most. But there is one rule that is general for every shorts – it is a casual street wear. Let me explain what I mean. If you wear shorts when going just for a walk at weekend then it is very ok, but if you want to have a casual weekend launch with colleges then it is not. In another words, shorts are not suited for meetings with people where you have even a little part of formalism in relations. Exception from this rule might be places where temperature reaches 40ºC+ numbers. Anyway, if you like wearing shorts, wear them where you want, it is not a big deal.

1. Denim

First shorts are denim shorts, which are the most common ones. Indeed, if you do not know what type of shorts to wear, it is the best choice. It can be worn with t-shirts or casual bottom down shirts, every variant is fine. Also there are different types of them and two major are rolled up shorts and with torn bottom edges. Each one is good, but the first one tend to be in trend for today. See on the photo below.


2. Cargo

The next type by popularity are cargo shorts. This type of shorts is very controversial. From the one hand they look completely unstylish, from the other hand, they worn by millions of people. So, what’s the reason of that? The answer is that they are very comfortable to wear and with that hardly suitable with other items. As my own rule, it is prohibited to wear too loose cargo shorts (with big pockets they look really bad) and colors such as white, yellow, brown are prohibited, too. If you want to wear white, brown or yellow toned shorts, then next 2 types are for you, but for cargo type these colors are awful. The best colors for cargo shorts are black, dark grey, dark green combining with any military printings. For example, nice outfit with cargo shorts on the photo below.


Concluding what have been said here:

  1. Wear slim cargo shorts.
  2. Best colors are black, dark grey, dark green, dark blue with military printings.

3. Flat Front

It is hard to describe what is flat front, cause boards of this term are very distorted. Let us accept that flat front shorts are shorts without additional pockets and made of cotton mainly. This type of shorts has a very wide range of use and can be combined with a lot of items. Better to combine these shorts with some polos or shirts, cause this type of wear is more casual than street.


4. Pleated Shorts

The most fashionable and dressy shorts are pleated shorts. It is a kind of a analogy to dressy pants, however, they are not dressy enough to wear them instead of pants everywhere. But, anyway, it is a good type of shorts to look dressy, which can be combined with short sleeved bottom tucked shirt or t-shirt, as on the picture below (sorry, couldn’t find the better pic).



As we see, shorts is a quiet controversial type of wear. There are now special dress code rules about how to what shorts to wear and basically all shorts are about the casual-street type of wear. Some of them more street as denim and cargo, some of them more casual as flat fronted and pleated. But anyway, if you like your look with shorts, it is good and you can wear it, where you want, if not, try to search for more fresh ideas.

Written by Renato Varran